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Network Services Catalog of Services: Wire and Cable

OTS Network Services offers a number of contracts to assist agencies with wire and cable for voice and data projects for either new installations or for moves, adds, and changes (MAC). The various contracts provide for materials and installation to meet agency indoor and outdoor wiring requirements.

Regional MAC Cable--The Regional MAC Cable Contract may be used in any region statewide including Capitol Park buildings. The contract facilitates Category 5E and Category 6 wiring for moves, adds, and changes (MAC) for voice and data cabling in all buildings statewide including Capitol Park. It is used to extend dial tone from the telephone company demark to the office and jack where the service is needed as well as for providing data cabling for local area network (LAN) connections. This contract has only one contractor, but has regional pricing. Orders from this contract will be placed with OTS/NS and associated charges will be included on the agency's monthly OTS/NS bill. If OTS/NS's assistance is needed for design, use the Indoor and Outdoor Complex Cable contract instead.

Indoor and Outdoor Complex Cable--The Indoor and Outdoor Complex Cable Contract is used for all outdoor and larger indoor cabling needs, including:  Category 3, Category 5E and Category 6 copper; fiber optic; outdoor cable buried in conduit or aerial between buildings and on campuses; indoor station and feeder, vertical and horizontal; raceway, conduit, relay racks, and backboards inside buildings. This statewide contract has regional pricing, and has three contractors in each region. Orders from this contract require that the end user generate a purchase order (PO) in the ERP/SRM system.

Telecom Cable and Adapters Contract (Materials Only)--The Telecom Cable and Adapters Contract is for fiber optic jumpers, Category 5E and Category 6 jumpers, adapters, bulk cable, jacks, faceplates and most miscellaneous wire and cable hardware. This contract is statewide, for materials only, and is provided by a single contractor. Orders from this contract require that the end user generate a PO in the ERP/SRM system.

See also Capitol Park Fiber Optic Cables and Innerduct and Consulting Fee for Complex Cable and Wire Contract.

Billing Rates

Regional MAC Cable--Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact the OTS/NS Customer Service Section for pricing. The contract costs for the cabling items are unit based with a fixed fee for each item ordered. The item costs vary slightly by region depending on the travel distance. Total billing will include a 5% processing fee, and a Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of this service.

Indoor and Outdoor Complex Cable--Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact the OTS/NS LaNet Service Provisioning section.

Telecom Cable and Adapters Contract--Refer to State contract number 4400007753​​ for pricing.

How to Order

Regional MAC Cable--To initiate an order, the agency's TC should send a service request to OTS/NS's Customer Service Section. OTS/NS will dispatch the contractor for the work and charge the agency on their monthly OTS/NS bill.

Indoor and Outdoor Complex Cable--This contract is Release Order (RO) driven through ERP/SRM and PO driven for only those agencies not on ERP/SRM. An initial agency request must be made to the OTS/NS LaNet Service Provisioning section, who will lead or advise on project design. Once the design is complete, it will be submitted to the agency along with pricing. The agency may then select the contractor of choice and issue an RO or a PO to the contractor for the work.

Telecom Cable and Adapters Contract--Agencies can contact the distributor directly to request pricing or place an order. This contract is RO driven through ERP/SRM and PO driven for only those agencies not on ISIS. The State contract number is 4400007753.

Regional MAC Cable--NS/S-1 Communications Service Request
Indoor and Outdoor Complex Cable and Telecom Cable and Adapters Contract--no forms are needed for this service; Release Order/Purchase Order driven 

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