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SAP Business Objects is the standard reporting tool
offered by the Office of Technology Services(OTS)
for adhoc reporting of ISIS and LaGov data.

  Business Objects Access: 

  • Use the LaGov ERP Portal's "Data Warehouse" tab to access Business Objects.
  • If the "Data Warehouse" tab does not display for you, please have your agency's ISIS or LaGov Security Administrator submit online form ISF060 to request access.
  • For instructions on where to find the name of your Security Administrator in LEO, please click HERE.
  • Users can change / unlock their own passwords 24/7 via the "Forgot Password" link on the LaGov ERP Portal screen.
  • To sign in using your LEO User ID (P or H + eight digits) and ​LEO Password click HERE.
Business Objects Question or Problem?
To enter a Webi Ticket for the ISIS/LaGo Business Object's Team, please click HERE. 
To leave a message for ISIS/LaGov Business Object Team, dial the Help Line at (225)342-2677 and select Option 2 and then Option 3.

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BO Webi User's Guide BO Quick Start Guide O​​btaining Business Objects Access
BO LaunchPad User's Guide Webi Report Basics

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BO Webi Function and Formulas Report Options Data Marts
BO Error Messages Adjusting User Preferences
Sending Report to Others FAQ by Topic
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