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OTS Standards

The establishment and governance of enterprise technical standards assists agencies by laying the foundation for: 

  • long-term systems planning and budgeting
  • cost-effective acquisition of technology products through collective bargaining power and enterprise agreements
  • transparent connectivity and interoperability across systems
  • the sharing of resources, both technical and personnel
  • improved management by limiting alternatives
  • consistent quality of information for decision making

Standards help state agencies develop technically compatible systems using a consistent approach and promote migration to enterprise solutions with known complexity and support. Learn about the Policy and Standard Numbering System 

Personal Computing Standards

IT STD-005 Web Browser/Viewer/Plug-ins
IT STD 6-01 Desktop Configuration 
IT STD 6-02 Desktop Operating System (12/2011) 
        GUIDELINE: PC and Printer IT Request and Budgeting Guidelines
IT STD 6-03 Office Suite (12/2011) 

Enterprise Application Standards

IT STD-003 Electronic Messaging (e-Mail)

Enterprise System Standards

IT STD-006 Network Operating System
IT STD 7-01 Geographic Information System(GIS) Product Standard

Network Standards

IT STD-004 Protocol
IT STD-015 Public Web Site Domain Name

 Information Security Standards

Information Security Policy - Chain of Custody

Information Security Policy -Exception Request Form

Information Security Policy - Incident Response Plan

Information Security Policy - Risk Acceptance Form

Information Security Policy - Third Party Information Security Questionnaire

IT_STD_1-17 Data Sanitization
          IT_SOP_1-01 Data Sanitization: Drive Overwrite Procedure - (Single Pass)
          IT_SOP_1-02 Data Sanitization: Drive Overwrite Procedure - (Triple Pass)