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PCF Frequently Asked Questions

Ken Schnauder, Executive Director
PCF Toll Free: 1.866.469.9555
PCF Main: 225.342.5200
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 3718
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821
Physical Address:
Iberville Building
627 North Fourth Street
Suite 2-300
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

How and where are Malpractice Claims Filed?
How is a medical malpractice claim handled after it is filed?
What is PCF's Mailing Address?
What is PCF's Physical Address?
What are PCF's hours of operation?
How can I reach the PCF by Fax?
How do I convert coverage to self insurance?
Who is the agent of service for the Patient's Compensation Fund and the Patient's Compensation Fund Oversight Board?


Can I wire my surcharge? If so, how is this done?
If I am a nurse or technician or other ancillary health care employee and I work for a hospital, clinic, or practice group do I need separate coverage with the PCF?
What is the difference between claims made coverage and occurrence coverage?
What is "tail" coverage and why is it necessary?
What is the enrollment process and how long does it take?
Who is eligible for enrollment?
Is enrollment in the PCF mandatory?
How does a new health care provider enroll in the PCF?
How do I know how much to pay for the PCF coverage?
Are there any discounts available?
If I am already a member of the PCF with primary insurance, how do I renew my PCF coverage?
If I am already a self-insured member of the PCF, how do I renew my PCF coverage?
Does the PCF Corporation Application need to be completed?
If my underlying policy is already in place, can I enroll in the PCF mid-policy period?
If I join the PCF mid-policy, how do I determine what claims made maturity year to use at renewal?
If I already have PCF coverage but want to change the renewal date, can that be done?
If I cancel my coverage mid-policy am I eligible for a refund?
How long do I have to purchase an extended reporting endorsement or tail coverage?
Does the PCF finance the surcharge payments or can I pay my PCF surcharge in installments?
I am an insurance agent, when should I remit payment on behalf of my client?

Some of your questions may also be answered in the Rules and Regulations.