JBE 16-74

Executive Branch Expenditure Reduction

NOW THEREFORE, I, John Bel Edwards, Governor of the State of Louisiana, by virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana, do hereby order and direct as follows:

SECTION 1: The following departments, agencies, and/or budget units (hereafter "Unit" and/or "Units") of the executive branch of the State of Louisiana, as described in and/or funded by appropriations through Acts 17 and 47 of the 2016 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature and Acts 14 and 16 of the 2016 Second Extraordinary Session of the Louisiana Legislature (hereafter "the Acts"), shall reduce expenditure of funds appropriated to the Unit from the State General Fund by the Acts, and associated positions, in the amounts shown below:

Schedule 01-Executive Department

State General Fund

01-100 Executive Office

$ 200,000

01-103 Mental Health Advocacy Service

$ 50,000

01-106 Louisiana Tax Commission

$ 50,000

01-107 Division of Administration

$ 1,500,000

Schedule 03-Veterans Affairs

03-130 Department of Veterans Affairs

$ 275,088

Schedule 08B-Public Safety and Corrections¾Public Safety Services

08-419 Office of State Police

$ 5,106,503

Schedule 09-Health and Hospitals

 09-300 Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority

$ 167,319

 09-301 Florida Parishes Human Services Authority

$ 115,000

09-302 Capital Area Human Services District

$ 700,000

09-304 Metropolitan Human Services District

$ 787,063

09-305 Medical Vendor Administration

$ 6,846,277

09-306 Medical Vendor Payments


09-307 Office of the Secretary

$ 902,893

09-309 South Central Louisiana Human Services Authority

$ 201,862

09-310 Northeast Delta Human Services Authority

$ 50,000

09-320 Office of Aging and Adult Services

$ 620,275

09-325 Acadiana Area Human Services District

$ 264,325

09-326 Office of Public Health

$ 1,108,005

09-330 Office of Behavioral Health

$ 1,559,019

09-340 Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

$ 34,363

09-375 Imperial Calcasieu Human Services Authority

$ 31,730

09-376 Central Louisiana Human Services District

$ 50,000

09-377 Northwest Louisiana Human Services District

$ 57,037

Schedule 10-Department of Children and Family Services

10-360 Office of Children and Family Services

$ 798,597

Schedule 12-Revenue

12-40 Office of Revenue

$ 2,996,640

Schedule 17-Civil Service

17-562 Ethics Administration

$ 134,312

Schedule 19A-Higher Education

19A-671 Board of Regents

$ 368,124

19A-600 Louisiana State University System

$ 5,577,489

19A-615 Southern University System

$ 699,715

19A-620 University of Louisiana System

$ 3,411,230

19A-649 LA Community and Technical Colleges System

$ 1,853,079

Schedule 19D-Department of Education

19D-681 Subgrantee Assistance

$ 1,000,000

19D-699 Special School District

$ 335,219

Schedule 20-Other Requirements

20-906 District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys

$ 966,686


A. No later than December 20, 2016, the head of each Unit listed in Section 1 of this Order shall submit to the Commissioner of Administration (hereafter "Commissioner") a mid-year budget reduction plan, on the BA-7 form and questionnaire, which reflects the Unit’s proposed allocation of the expenditure reduction ordered in Section 1 of this Order (hereafter "mid-year budget reduction plan"), and a description of the methodology used to formulate the mid-year budget reduction plan.

B. In the event that positions of employment will be affected by the mid-year budget reduction, these positions should be included in your mid-year budget reduction plan.

C. No Unit shall implement the expenditure reduction mandated by Section 1 of this Order without the Commissioner’s prior written approval of the Unit’s mid-year budget reduction plan.

D. After the Commissioner has given approval of a Unit’s mid-year budget reduction plan, any change to the mid-year budget reduction plan requires prior written approval from the commissioner.

SECTION 3: The Commissioner is authorized to develop additional guidelines as necessary to facilitate the administration of this Order.

SECTION 4: All departments, commissions, boards, offices, entities, agencies, and officers of the State of Louisiana, or any political subdivision thereof, are authorized and directed to cooperate in the implementation of the provisions of this Order.

SECTION 5: This Order is effective upon signature and shall remain in effect through June 30, 2017, unless amended, modified, terminated, or rescinded prior to that date.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand officially and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of Louisiana, at the Capitol, in the city of Baton Rouge, on this 15th day of December, 2016.

John Bel Edwards

Tom Schedler
Secretary of State