BJ 11-25

Executive Branch--Expenditure Reduction

WHEREAS,   pursuant to R.S. 39:75(A)(1), the Division of Administration is directed to submit a monthly budget status report to the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget (hereafter "the Committee") indicating the balance of the budget for the State General Fund and dedicated funds by comparing the official forecast for these funds to the total authorized appropriations from
each fund; once approved by the Committee, the most recent budget status report becomes the official budget status of the State;
WHEREAS,   if the most recently approved budget status report indicates that the total appropriation from any fund will exceed the official forecast for that fund, R.S. 39:75(B) requires the Committee to immediately notify the Governor that a projected deficit exists for that fund;
WHEREAS,   the Committee notified the Governor that it approved a budget status report at its December 16, 2011 meeting, indicating a projected deficit of Two Hundred Fifty-One Million Two Hundred Seventy-Nine Thousand Four Hundred Seventy-Seven Dollars ($251,279,477) exists in the State General Fund for Fiscal Year 2011-2012, based on the revised official forecast of revenue available for appropriation adopted by the Revenue Estimating Conference on December 14, 2011, compared to total appropriations;
WHEREAS,   once notified that a projected deficit exists, pursuant to Article VII, Section 10, of the Constitution of Louisiana and R.S. 39:75(C)(1)(a), the Governor has interim budget balancing powers to adjust the budget, including the authority to reduce appropriations for the executive branch of government for any program that is appropriated from a fund that is in a deficit posture, not exceeding three percent (3%) in the aggregate of the total appropriations for each budget unit for the fiscal year, and if the Governor does not make necessary adjustments in the appropriations to eliminate the projected deficit within thirty (30) days of the determination of the projected deficit in a fund, R.S. 39:75(D) mandates that the Governor call a special session of the Louisiana Legislature for that purpose;
WHEREAS,   as authorized by R.S. 39:75(C)(1)(a), I am exercising my unilateral interim budget balancing powers to reduce the projected deficit by $140,870,649;
WHEREAS,   after utilizing that authority, $110,408,828 remains of the projected deficit which must be eliminated, therefore I direct the Commissioner of Administration (hereafter “Commissioner”) to present to the Committee for its approval a plan to eliminate the remaining amount of the projected deficit pursuant to R. S. 39:75(C)(2);
WHEREAS,   this Executive Order and the plan to be submitted to the Committee may utilize all or a portion of the General Fund dollar savings objective specified in Executive Order BJ 2011-12.
NOW THEREFORE, I, Bobby Jindal, Governor of the State of Louisiana, by virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana, do hereby order and direct as follows:
SECTION 1:  The following departments, agencies, and/or budget units (hereafter "Unit" and/or "Units") of the executive branch of the State of Louisiana, as described in and/or funded by appropriations through Acts 12, 22, and 42 of the 2011 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature (hereafter "the Acts"), shall reduce expenditure of funds appropriated to the Unit from the State General Fund by the Acts, in the amounts shown below:

Act 12-General Operating Appropriations Act:
Schedule 01-Executive Department State General Fund
01-100 Executive Office $ 225,000
01-102 Inspector General $ 17,837
01-103 Mental Health Advocacy Service $ 91,333
01-107 Division of Administration $ 1,015,000
01-111 Governor’s Office of Homeland Security $ 203,500
01-112 Military Affairs $ 300,000
01-129 Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement $ 211,715
01-133 Elderly Affairs $ 100,000
Schedule 03-Veterans Affairs
03-130 Veteran's Affairs $ 227,318
Schedule 04-Elected Officials
04-139 Secretary of State $ 1,490,918
04-141 Office of Attorney General $ 119,000
04-146 Lieutenant Governor $ 46,371
04-160 Agriculture and Forestry $ 1,183,683
Schedule 05-Economic Development
05-251 Office of the Secretary $ 484,270
Schedule 06-Culture, Recreation and Tourism
06-261 Office of the Secretary $ 107,614
06-262 Office of the State Library $ 153,994
06-263 Office of State Museum $ 190,316
06-264 Office of State Parks $ 604,792
06-265 Office of Cultural Development $ 81,473
Schedule 08-Corrections Services
08A-400 Corrections Administration $ 219,230
08A-401 C. Paul Phelps Correctional Center $ 186,607
08A-402 Louisiana State Penitentiary $ 286,026
08A-405 Avoyelles Correctional Center $ 270,946
08A-406 Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women $ 148,110
08A-409 Dixon Correctional Institute $ 365,231
08A-412 J. Levy Dabadie Correctional Center $ 119,292
08A-413 Elayn Hunt Correctional Center $ 295,186
08A-414 David Wade Correctional Center $ 846,861
08A-415 Adult Probation and Parole $ 1,949,935
Schedule 08-Public Safety Services
08B-419 Office of State Police $ 2,351,002
Schedule 08-Youth Services
08C-403 Office of Juvenile Justice $ 4,297,226
Schedule 09-Health and Hospitals
09-300 Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority $ 277,042
09-301 Florida Parishes Human Services Authority $ 109,501
09-302 Capital Area Human Services District $ 166,098
09-304 Metropolitan Human Services District $ 463,915
09-305 Medical Vendor Administration $ 3,627,620
09-306 Medical Vendor Payments $ 53,812,752
09-307 Office of the Secretary $ 1,061,505
09-309 South Central Human Services Authority $ 322,485
09-320 Office of Aging and Adult Services $ 480,805
09-324 Louisiana Emergency Response Network $ 87,277
09-326 Office of Public Health $ 312,479
09-330 Office of Behavioral Health $ 1,634,641
09-340 Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities $ 216,580
Schedule 10-Department of Children and Family Services
10-360 Office of Children and Family Services $ 8,000,000
Schedule 11-Natural Resources
11-431 Office of the Secretary $ 135,247
11-432 Office of Conservation $ 22,864
Schedule 17-State Civil Service
17-562 Ethics Administration $ 120,842
17-563 State Police Commission $ 18,431
17-564 Division of Administrative Law $ 16,939
Schedule 19-Higher Education
19A-HIED $ 50,000,000
Schedule 19-Special Schools and Commissions
19B-653 Louisiana School for the Deaf and Visually Impaired $ 202,699
19B-657 Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts $ 23,726
19B-666 Board of Elementary and Secondary Education $ 10,000
19B-673 New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts $ 37,000
Schedule 19-Education
19D-678 State Activities $ 419,168
19D-681 Subgrantee Assistance $ 645,000
19D-697 Non-Public Educational Assistance $ 116,000
19D-699 Special School Districts $ 129,429
Schedule 20-Other Requirements
20-452 Local Housing of State Juvenile Offenders $ 195,387
20-933 Governor's Conferences and Interstate Compacts $ 15,431


A.        No later than December 29, 2011, the head of each Unit listed in Section 1 of this Order shall submit to the Commissioner a midyear budget reduction plan, on the BA-7 form and questionnaire, which reflects the Unit’s proposed allocation of the expenditure reduction ordered in Section 1 of this Order (hereafter "mid-year budget reduction plan"), and a description of the methodology used to formulate the mid-year budget reduction plan.
B.        In the event that positions of employment will be affected by the mid-year budget reduction, these positions should be included in your mid-year budget reduction plan.
C.        No Unit shall implement the expenditure reduction mandated by Section 1 of this Order without the Commissioner’s prior written approval of the Unit’s mid-year budget reduction plan.
D.        After the Commissioner has given approval of a Unit’s mid-year budget reduction plan, any change to the mid-year budget reduction plan requires prior written approval from the commissioner.

SECTION 3:  The Commissioner is authorized to develop additional guidelines as necessary to facilitate the administration of this Order.
SECTION 4:  All departments, commissions, boards, offices, entities, agencies, andofficers of the State of Louisiana, or any political subdivision thereof, are authorized and directed to cooperate in the implementation of the provisions of this Order.
SECTION 5:  This Order is effective upon signature and shall remain in effect through June 30, 2012, unless amended, modified, terminated, or rescinded prior to that date.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand officially and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of Louisiana, at the Capitol, in the city of Baton Rouge, on this 16th day of December, 2011.

Bobby Jindal

Tom Schedler
Secretary of State