Regional Trauma-patient Care Statewide System Task Force

WHEREAS,���to diminish or eliminate risk of death or permanent disability, a patient with a trauma-related injury from an incident such as a motor vehicle accident, fall, stabbing, blunt force, explosion, and/or chemical, biological or nuclear agent, should receive timely diagnosis and treatment of both their actual and potential injuries by a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals who are part of an organized, coordinated trauma-patient care system composed of public and private health care providers that deliver full-range trauma-patient care within a defined geographical area;

WHEREAS,���optimally, a trauma-patient care system should be regionalized for efficient use of the health care resources within a specific region, based upon the unique requirements of the population being served in the context of preventative community health; and

WHEREAS,���the interests of the citizens of the state of Louisiana would be best served by creating a task force charged with the duties of evaluating the current level of the trauma-patient care capabilities within each region of the state of Louisiana, proposing a comprehensive statewide plan for a regional trauma- patient care system throughout the state of Louisiana, and identifying funding sources to adequately support the proposed regional statewide trauma-patient care system;

NOW THEREFORE, I, M.J. "MIKE" FOSTER, JR., Governor of the state of Louisiana, by virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution and laws of the state of Louisiana, do hereby order and direct as follows:

SECTION 1:���The Regional Trauma-Patient Care Statewide System Task Force (hereafter "Task Force") is established within the executive branch, Department of Health and Hospitals.

SECTION 2:���The duties of the Task Force shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

SECTION 3:���By January 1, 2004, the Task Force shall submit a written report to the governor and the Louisiana Legislature on the issues set forth in Section 2 of this Order, including a proposal for a comprehensive statewide plan.

SECTION 4:���The Task Force shall be composed of a maximum of twenty-four (24) members, who unless otherwise specified, shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the governor. The membership of the Task Force shall be selected as follows:

SECTION 5: The chair of the Task Force shall be appointed by the governor from the membership for the Task Force. All other officers, if any, shall be elected by and from the membership of the Task Force.

SECTION 6:���The Task Force shall meet at regularly scheduled intervals and at the call of the chair.

SECTION 7:���A. Task Force members shall not receive additional compensation or a per diem from the Office of the Governor or the Department of Health and Hospitals for serving on the Task Force.

SECTION 8:���Support staff, facilities, and resources for the meeting of the Task Force and the performance of its duties shall be provided and/or coordinated by the Department of Health and Hospitals.

SECTION 9:���No provision in this Order shall be interpreted or construed so as to create any right of action, cause of action, and/or substantive, procedural, and/or equitable right enforceable by, or in favor of, any person or entity against the state of Louisiana, any department, commission, board, entity, agency, office, or political subdivision of the state of Louisiana, and/or any officer or employee thereof.

SECTION 10:���All departments, commissions, boards, offices, entities, agencies, and officers of the state of Louisiana, or any political subdivision thereof, are authorized and directed to cooperate with the Task Force in implementing the provisions of this Order.

SECTION 11:���This Order is effective upon signature and shall continue in effect until amended, modified, terminated, or rescinded by the governor, or terminated by operation of law.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand officially and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of Louisiana, at the Capitol, in the city of Baton Rouge, on this 7th day of April, 2003.

M.J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.

Fox McKeithen
Secretary of State