Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

WHEREAS: on April 19, 1995, a massive bomb blast destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and

WHEREAS: the explosion left 169 persons dead, hundreds injured and thousands mourning the loss of friends and family; and

WHEREAS: a massive rescue effort ensued, including hundreds of search and rescue workers from around the country, aided by local firefighters and police staff, structural engineers, and specially trained dogs, combing the site for weeks, day and night, searching for survivors and bodies; and

WHEREAS: Louisiana citizens joined millions of other Americans who followed the efforts of rescue workers with great concern as reported in the media and who supported those efforts with their prayers; and

WHEREAS: several Louisiana residents with expertise in rescue operations were directly involved in the search and rescue efforts; and

WHEREAS: Friday, April 19, 1996, will be the one-year anniversary of the "Oklahoma City Bombing;"

NOW THEREFORE I, M.J. "Mike" Foster, Jr., Governor of the State of Louisiana, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana, and in order to show the respect of the people of the State of Louisiana for the many innocent children and adults injured and killed by the explosion, and to observe the one-year anniversary of the "Oklahoma City Bombing" do hereby order the flag of the United States be flown at half-mast on Friday, April 19, 1996, over the State Capitol and the public departments and institutions of the State of Louisiana.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand officially and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Louisiana, at the Capitol, in the City of Baton Rouge, on this 18th day of April, 1996.

M.J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.

Fox McKeithen
Secretary of State