Hazard Mitigation Team

WHEREAS: the Louisiana Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act is set forth in R.S. 29:721 et seq.;

WHEREAS: R.S. 29:722 recognizes "the existing possibility of the occurrence of emergencies and disasters of unprecedented size and destructiveness resulting from enemy attack, sabotage, and other hostile action, or from fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural or man-made causes;"

WHEREAS: "in order to ensure that preparations of this state will be adequate to deal with such emergencies or disasters, and generally to preserve the lives and property of the people of the state of Louisiana," R.S. 29:722 declares it necessary to designate the Military Department, State of Louisiana, as the state emergency preparedness agency;

WHEREAS: disaster preparedness assistance is provided by federal grants and through federal programs to states having an agency to plan and administer disaster preparedness programs and to improve and update disaster assistance plans, Pub. L. 93-288, Title II 20; 42 U.S.C. 5131, et seq.; and

WHEREAS: the State of Louisiana must be prepared to meet its hazard mitigation responsibilities and to respond to emergencies in the event a state of emergency or disaster is declared by either the Governor or the President;

NOW THEREFORE I, M.J. "MIKE" FOSTER, JR., Governor of the State of Louisiana, by virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana, do hereby order and direct as follows:

SECTION 1: The Hazard Mitigation Team is re-established and continued within the Military Department, Office of Emergency Preparedness.

SECTION 2: The Hazard Mitigation Team shall be composed of representatives appointed from the following state agencies:

  • A. Department of Military, Office of Emergency Preparedness;

  • B. Department of Transportation and Development;

  • C. Department of Wildlife and Fisheries;

  • D. Department of Environmental Quality;

  • E. Division of Administration, Office of State Planning;

  • F. Department of Natural Resources, Office of Mineral Resources, Geological Survey Division;

  • G. Department of Health and Hospitals;

  • H. Department of Economic Development;

  • I. Department of Corrections; and

  • J. LSU Cooperative Extension Service.
  • SECTION 3: The Chair of the Hazard Mitigation Team shall be the Adjutant General of the Office of Emergency Preparedness, Department of Military.

    SECTION 4: The duties and functions of the Hazard Mitigation Team shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A. advising and assisting the Office of Emergency Preparedness in updating and improving its disaster assistance and emergency preparedness plans for the State of Louisiana;

  • B. identifying areas within the State of Louisiana which are more vulnerable than others to the occurrence of emergency situations or disasters;

  • C. recommending safety measures which can be implemented, through zoning or building controls or through constructions, to either eliminate or reduce the occurrence of emergencies or disasters, or the impact the disasters and emergency situations have upon the public; and

  • D. being prepared to identify the following matters immediately following a gubernatorial or presidential declaration of disaster or state of emergency:

  • 1. the hazard mitigation measures which must be incorporated into the recovery process;

  • 2. the funding available under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, and all other disaster assistance programs; and

  • 3. the technical assistance needed by local government officials to implement state and local emergency and disaster mitigation measures and coordinate them with those of the state.
  • SECTION 5: The Hazard Mitigation Team shall meet quarterly and at other times as called by the Chair. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

    SECTION 6: Support staff for the Hazard Mitigation Team shall be provided by the Military Department. Members shall serve without compensation, but may receive reimbursement, contingent on availability of funds, for actual travel and per diem expenses, in accordance with state guidelines and procedures, and the approval of the Commissioner of Administration.

    SECTION 7: All departments, commissions, boards, agencies, and officers of the state, or any political subdivision thereof, are authorized and directed to cooperate with the Hazard Mitigation Team in implementing the provisions of this Order.

    SECTION 8: The provisions of this Order are effective upon signature and shall remain in effect until amended, modified, terminated, or rescinded by the Governor, or terminated by operation of law.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand officially and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Louisiana, at the Capitol, in the City of Baton Rouge, on this 17th of October, 1996.

    M.J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.

    Fox McKeithen
    Secretary of State