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State of Louisiana
Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy

M. J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.

Mark C. Drennen
Commissioner of Administration


July 22, 1999



TO: Fiscal Officers
ISIS Agencies

FROM: F. Howard Karlton, CPA

SUBJECT: Revision to the EB/RB approval (SA Memo 99-33)

After discussion with Stan Mead concerning SA Memorandum 99-33, EB/RB approval, and upon reassessing the system’s functionality, it has been decided that agencies will not be required to forward screen prints of the EB’s and RB’s when spreading the original budget from the budget development organization. For the distribution of the original budget, we will approve EB's and RB's without supporting documentation from the agencies. We can do this as the Revised Amount will equal the Increase/Decrease Amount column on the screen except for the decrease in the Budget Development Org.

We apologize to those who have started screen-printing changes to the initial budget load and for any inconvenience this delay may have caused.. If you have questions concerning this memorandum, contact Ms. Deborah Zundel at (225) 342-0711. Please distribute copies of this memorandum to the personnel at your agency responsible for inputting and approving budget documents.