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State of Louisiana DIVISION OF ADMINISTRATION Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy

M. J. "Mike" Foster, Jr. Governor

Mark C. Drennen Commisioner of Administration

May 22, 2000


TO:  Fiscal Officers
All ISIS Agencies
FROM:  F. Howard Karlton CPA,

Stale Dated ISIS Checks

Attached you will find a listing of stale dated checks issued through ISIS which are outstanding against appropriations within your agency. A check is stale dated if it has been outstanding for more than 180 days. This listing will contain current outstanding checks as of 5/18/00 which were issued on or before 11/21/99. Each agency should use this report to resolve these outstanding checks. Your agency will only have a copy of the report attached if you have stale dated checks. If the obligation for which the check was issued is still open and you can reissue the check to the vendor, do so at once. If the obligation is still outstanding and you cannot locate the vendor, notify the State Treasurer’s Office (STO) so that the funds may be turned in as unclaimed property.

Agencies are responsible for requesting that the STO void and/or reissue single checks issued from their appropriations. Agencies are also responsible for requesting that the STO void and/or reissue consolidated checks which were issued for their agency only, related agencies (i.e., agencies with the same agency type on the AGC2 table of AFS), or agency payments made by one central accounting office (i.e., 148 makes payments for agencies 901, 904, 924, etc.). The agency will also prepare the required J1s. Contact OSRAP to request the void and/or reissuance of consolidated checks, which do not meet the previous criteria. OSRAP will prepare the necessary J1s for consolidated checks, which were issued for unrelated agencies.

If a vendor did not receive a payment because the address on the vendor file is incorrect, please contact the OSRAP Vendor Section at (225)342-6356 to have the vendor’s address corrected before requesting that the check be reissued.

If a payment was sent to a good address for the vendor but the wrong vendor location code, the check will have to be voided and a new payment voucher will have to be entered. The STO cannot change the location code to which the check will be reissued on the CX.

If you determine that you are responsible for voiding and reissuing a check, please complete a CX form Type 1 and mail it to the STO, Attn: Ms. Trudy Jackson. You will do this regardless of the fiscal year from which the check was originally issued.

If you need to void and not reissue a check issued from current year funds with an expenditure object, complete a CX form Type 3 and a J1 (see Exhibit A - CY VOID DO NOT REISSUE).

If you need to void and not reissue a check issued from a revenue source code, complete a CX form Type 3 and include the revenue source code that was used (DO NOT PREPARE A J1 - the STO will process a Manual Warrant to void this payment). Mail the CX form to the STO, Attn: Ms. Trudy Jackson.

If you need to void and not reissue a check issued from prior year funds, you will complete a CX Type 3 and two J1’s (see Exhibit B - PY VOID - CASH CANNOT BE CARRIED FORWARD or Exhibit C - PY VOID - CASH CAN BE CARRIED FORWARD). After 8/7/00 a CX Type 3 for a BFY 00 payment will be treated as a prior year void and will require 2 J1’s. On the second J1 use the appropriate agency revenue organization and the appropriate revenue source code as follows:


Other - Prior Yr RevenueAdj.( Statutory Dedication MOF.)


Federal Py Revenue Adjustment


SG/Anc Py Rev Adjustments


IAT Py Rev. Adjustments

Mail the CX form to the STO, Attn: Ms. Trudy Jackson.

NOTE: If you void and DO NOT reissue a check which was issued from AGPS/CFMS and you want the amount of the encumbrance to reflect that the check has been voided, you must do an OCHG type INC (AGPS) or a KAMD type ADJ and change the KINV status to CCK (CFMS, see CFMS User Guide Agency Procedures 402-403) for the amount of the check in addition to the procedures outlined in this memorandum.

If you have any questions regarding this memorandum, contact the OSRAP Help Desk at (225)342-1097.



c: Mr. Gary Hall, CPA

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