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State of Louisiana DIVISION OF ADMINISTRATION Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy

M. J. "Mike" Foster, Jr. Governor

Mark C. Drennen Commisioner of Administration

May 25, 2000


TO:  Fiscal Officers
All ISIS Agencies
FROM:  F. Howard Karlton CPA,

June 30, 2000   Year End Close

The enclosed procedures are furnished for your use during the June 30, 2000 year-end close. Instructions and information pertaining to the following procedures are attached: 6/30/00 Year End Close Time Frame, Error Corrections to Prior Year – Expenditures and Revenue, Fiscal Year Travel Claims, Stale Dated Checks, Check Amount in Excess of Amount Due and Checks to Wrong Vendor, Check Amount Less Than Amount Due, Credit Memos, New State Treasurer's Seed, Return of Seed, Reestablishment of State Treasurer’s Seeds, Increase in Agency's State Treasurer Seed for Next Fiscal Year, Carryover of Prior Year Cash to Current Year Means of Financing Appropriation, Roll Forward of Fiscal Year 1999-2000 Encumbered Appropriations, Carry Forward of Cash for Retainage Payable Balances and Return of Surplus (NON-ISIS).

Please remember that the provisions of LA Revised Statue 39:82 continue to be effective for this fiscal period. During the 45-day close, agencies will be allowed to liquidate valid liabilities (goods received or services rendered on or before June 30, 2000) against fiscal year 1999-00. Valid encumbrance items established by close of business June 30, 2000 but not received on or before that date may be liquidated against 2000-2001 appropriations at the agency’s discretion. However, the Roll Forward of Encumbered Appropriations procedure must be followed in order to obtain funding authorization for that period.

The checks for the final June liquidation will be printed on Friday, June 30, 2000. All ISIS interface tapes and FTPs with a June effective date must be at the Data Center no later than 2:00 p.m. June 29, 2000. A detailed time frame and explanations of allowable transactions are enclosed. Delivery time required by courier, mail or messenger, must be taken into consideration to meet all deadlines. The deadlines provided in this memorandum are the latest dates and times transactions will be accepted for processing. However, agencies can and should submit transactions as soon as possible before the deadlines to ensure a smooth closing.

Note: AGPS held encumbrances will not be processed in AFS until current year budgets are loaded.

CMIA agencies should pay close attention to the Notes on page 5 of these instructions for information affecting their draws.

Agencies should review 1G07B daily and ensure that all payment vouchers representing valid liabilities are liquidated in a timely manner. Those payment vouchers that are no longer needed, erroneous or will not produce a check because of inactive vendor records should be modified to zero by COB 6/30/00.

Please distribute copies of this memorandum to all fiscal, purchasing and contract office employees as many of the deadlines affect these individuals. Should you have questions on the above or attached instructions, please contact the OSRAP Help Desk at (225) 342-1097.

FHK: jh


C: Ms. Alexis Thompson

Mr. Randall Walker

Mr. Gary Hall

Mr. Ron Mitchell

Mr. Ray Stockstill

Ms. Denise Lea

Ms. Susan Smith

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