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OSP is charged by law with adopting rules and regulations for the procurement, management, control and disposition of all professional, personal, consulting, and social services contracts ("PPCS Contracts") utilized by state agencies.  OSP's Professional Contracts section is responsible for exercising regulatory and approval oversight over all PPCS Contracts.

PPCS Contracts are received by OSP's Professional Contracts section and are reviewed for appropriateness of contract terms and language, signature authorities, evidence of funding and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, executive orders and policies. The Professional Contracts section also reviews agencies' procurement processes against competitive solicitation requirements of law. The review process also ensures that a central record of all PPCS contracts is maintained and that comparative statistics in the number and kinds of services needed can be developed for planning and reporting purposes.

As of January 1, 2015, the Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 39:1551-1755 provide for the laws governing PPCS contracts. A disposition table of previous citations (La. R.S. 39:1482-1526) to the new citations is posted under Legal Information. The official rules and regulations of the Office of State Procurement, PPCS contracts, appear in Title 34, Part V, of the Louisiana Administrative Code.