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Our Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Our Vision

Simplify and improve the procurement process.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of State Procurement is to develop and implement sound procurement practices in accordance with executive policy and legislative mandates, and to provide quality and timely services to the agency and vendor communities.

Our Philosophy

Be Proactive in recommending and implementing legislation, regulations, policy and procedural changes.

Be Responsive to management and customer needs.

To Oversee the procurement process to ensure that goods and services are purchased within legal parameters.

To Communicate timely and effectively with state agencies, vendors, and executive and legislative management.

Be Uniform in dispensing interpretations of the Procurement Code, regulations and policies.

To Resolve issues in a timely and professional manner.

To Encourage innovation and better value for state purchases.

To Manage change effectively and efficiently.

Be Ethical in the performance of all our duties.

To Notice and give recognition for the good work of others.

Be Team ​players and actively promote collaboration to achieve mutual goals in the best interest of the state.

To Simplify the purchasing and contracting processes wherever possible.