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School Food Authority (SFA) USDA LDOE Compliance

Effective May 17, 2018, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) has formally advised that state contracts maintained by the Office of State Procurement (OSP) are allowable for use by school food authorities (SFAs), as long as the contract has been amended by OSP to include USDA-specific provisions, and the SFA ensures its own ongoing compliance with due diligence requirements published by LDOE relative to all procurements regardless of source.

As a result, OSP is please to make the following contracts available for immediate and ongoing use by SFAs. These contracts have been amended to make the contracts compliant to the best of OSP’s knowledge. On an ongoing basis, OSP will upload solicitation and contract documents of the type requested by LDOE to eCat (linked below by contract) for SFAs’ records. Contracts not listed below should not be used in the future by SFAs.


For questions to OSP about SFA compliance, please contact Tom Ketterer at

SFA Contract Documentation "Care Packages"


  • 4400009771  US Foods – Food and Food-Related Supplies
  • 4400010301  Pon Food Corporation – Miscellaneous Groceries
  • 4400008175  Bimbo Bakeries– Bread, Rolls, Cakes
  • 4400008176  McKee Foods – Bread, Rolls, Cakes, etc.
  • 4400010374  Borden Dairy – Milk and Dairy
  • 4400010373  Kleinpeter Farms Dairy – Milk and Dairy
  • 4400010372  Southern Foods Group (Dean Foods / Brown's Velvet) – Milk and Dairy


  • 4400006569  Staples – Office Supplies
  • 4400013323  Sam Tell & Son – Culinary Tools & Dinnerware (Smallwares)
  • 4400013329  Economical – Paper and Plastic Products (including toilet paper)
  • 4400012656  Berry Plastics – Trash Bags, Can Liners, Polyethylene
  • 4400008358  Economical – Personal Care Hygiene Items


Janitorial Chemicals

  • 4400014370  Staples – Janitorial Chemicals, Supplies
  • 4400014371  SupplyWorks – Janitorial Chemicals, Supplies
    (all other janitorial chemical contracts are Brand Name contracts of the type prohibited by USDA, and therefore not available for SFA use)

Equipment & Furniture
  • 4400010265  Virco – Classroom Furniture
  • 4400010266  LA School Equipment – Classroom Furniture
  • 4400010267  Hertz Furniture Systems – Classroom Furniture
  • 4400005684  NilFisk Advance – Floor Machines (amendment underway)
  • 4400006259  Tennant Commercial – Floor Machines (amendment underway)
  • 4400006260  Tennant Commercial – Walk-Behind Floor Machines (amendment underway)
  • 4400007894  Karcher – Floor Equipment (amendment underway)
  • 4400010936  Nacecare – Floor Machines (amendment underway)