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Welcome to the Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for all human resource functions – operations and benefits, compensation, staffing and employee relations. The operations and benefits section processes all personnel actions and various other documents related to employee status. The compensation and staffing unit is responsible for advising agency management on various appointment types and the process for hiring employees. Employee relations advises agency management on obligations and requirements under state and federal employment laws as well as Civil Service rules.  The section investigates such things as performance, behavioral incidents, workplace violence, harassment and discrimination claims.​

Cheryl Schilling​

Director of Human Resources​



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Operations/Benefits Unit

Diana Frank, Human Resources Manager

Dawn Harris,  Human Resources Supervisor

  Linni Allen, Human Resources Specialist

              Jessamye Charette, Human Resources Analyst               

Tamara Davis, Human Resources Analyst

            Lilibeth Lavinghouse, Human Resources Specialist             

Juliana Smith, Human Resources Specialist

April White, Human Resources Analyst

Brenda Whitehead, Human Resources Specialist

 Staffing/Compensation Unit

Stephenie Fontenot, Human Resources Manager

Brandon Blanchard, Human Resources Supervisor

Jennifer Ginn, Human Resources Specialist

Sandra Guy, Human Resources Specialist

Scott Manguno, Human Resources Analyst

Barbara Parche, Human Resources Director

Employee Relations Unit

Christina Cardona, Human Resources Manager

Training and Development Unit

Vincent Miholic, Training and Development Program Manager

Karen Burch, Training and Development Specialist 

Administrative Unit

Shirley Ginn, Administrative Coordinator

Gabrielle Green, Student Worker

Judy Green, Human Resources Analyst

Pamela McCallum, Human Resources Manager

Yvette Rispone, Human Resources Specialist

Victoria Waguespack, Student Worker