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LaGov Enterprise Resource Planning is a fully integrated system that includes Financials, Logistics, Human Resources/Payroll and Business Intelligence. The LaGov ERP system consolidates multiple legacy systems and many agency-specific systems providing improved transparency and standardized processes. Currently all but four departments have been implemented in LaGov.

Subscription to LaGov electronic notifications is encouraged notification of changes, deadlines, problems, or other information concerning LaGov systems via email.

If you are unable to log into LEO or LaGov due to locked ID or unknown password, click Forgot Password? Locked? link on LEO Login screen.

If this is your first time to log into LEO, click the First Time User? link on LEO Login screen.

If you enter transactions into LaGov and have problems with your access permissions, contact the appropriate Security Administrator. Contact information for the appropriate administrator can also be found in LEO; click the Who Do I Contact for Help? link on LEO Home Page to find Security Administrator Names and contact information.

  • Unavailable Sunday 6 p.m. to midnight for routine maintenance.
  • On payroll Mondays, payroll relevant transactions are locked at 6 p.m. and remain locked until payroll processing is completed on Tuesday.
  • Certain LaGov transactions are locked from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Each agency must designate both a primary and an alternate security administrator for each of the following areas of LaGov that they utilize. The following documents and designation forms can also be found in LEO under My Work > Publications > LaGov Publications/Forms:

  • LaGov Security Administration Guide
  • ISF061: LaGov Human Capital Management/Learning Solution Security Administrator Designation
  • LSF062: LaGov ERP Financial & Logistics Security Administrator Designation
  • LSF063: LaGov ERP Statewide Access Security Designation
  • LSF064: LaGov SRM Statewide Financial Security Administrator Designation
  • LSF065: LaGov SRM Statewide eProcurement/Logistics Security Administrator Designation

LaGov's Data Warehouse contains Web Intelligence and Crystal reports that reflect transaction activity through the prior day. Log onto LaGov ERP and click on the Data Warehouse tab for access to these reports.

Data Warehouse Help

LaGov Finance is a group of modules with integrated functions that share master data to support the state's financial processes. The State is currently using the following modules: General Ledger, Controlling, Real Estate, Project Systems, Asset Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Funds Management, Cash Management and Grantee Management modules.

The LaGov-HCM application utilizes SAP ECC to support the state's central human resources and payroll requirements. The State is currently using the Personnel Management, Payroll Processing and Payables, Time Recording, Position Management and Learning Solutions modules. All employees are given access to their own HR information through Louisiana Employees Online.

Accounting Master Data & Procedures for State Agency Users

The LaGov Interim Support Group is tasked with performing the duties of certain statewide control agencies within the LaGov ERP for the period of time for which both LaGov and the Integrated Statewide Information Systems are operating concurrently.  While LaGov is operating in a pilot mode, the ISG will be in place to perform the system related functions that agencies such as the Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy and the Office of Planning and Budget are performing in ISIS.  When LaGov is implemented statewide, the ISG will turn over these functions to the appropriate control agencies. The ISG is housed with the DOA LaGov team, and is kept informed of system issues and improvements.

The ISG is responsible for the following:

  • Creating and maintaining centralized accounting master data, including:
    • Funds – both Operating and Capital
    • Cost Centers and Funds Centers
    • G/L Accounts
    • Functional Areas
    • Centralized Grants Data
      • Sponsors
      • Sponsored Classes
      • Funds Center Groups
      • Funded Program Groups
      • Sponsored Program Groups
      • Functional Area Groups
    • Statistical Internal Orders
    • Accounts Receivable Customers
    • Employee "travel" Vendors (temporarily for DOTD)
  • Adjusting values of assets for surplus, or that have been permanently damaged
  • Maintaining values for Real Estate entities that have traditionally been handled by OSRAP
  • Maintaining Activity Types used in tracking equipment usage for FEMA billings
  • Approving budget documents and adjustments in LaGov that would normally require OPB, OSRAP or STO approval in AFS
  • Approving journal vouchers that would normally require OSRAP or STO approval in AFS
  • Various month and year end closing activities


  • AR-01: Accounts Receivable Customer Master Record Request Form​
  • CO-01-C: Capital Cost Center Master Record Request Form
  • CO-01-O: Operating Cost Center Master Record Request Form
  • FM-01-C: Capital Fund Master Record Request Form
  • FM-01-O: Operating Fund Master Record Request Form​

Contact Information

LaGov-Linear Assets is empowered by AgileAssets Management software and will be utilized solely by the Department of Transportation and Development. It supports the core business processes of the Maintenance and Operations units within DOTD. Assets to be managed include roads (including peripheral items), bridges, signs and signals.

Agile Help Desk

Linear Assets Help

LaGov Logistics incorporates purchasing of goods and services through eProcurement, the Supplier Relationship Management module; Inventory and Warehouse Management through the Materials Management module and the Warehouse Management module; Fleet & Facility Maintenance and tracking of movable property assets through the Plant Maintenance module; maintenance, tracking, and reporting of the State's Linear Assets through Agile Assets Management software; and the mobile device infrastructure is maintained within LaGov Logistics. All transactions within LaGov Logistics are fully integrated with LaGov Financial Modules and Human Capital Management modules.

Logistics Help

Inventory Management Quick Reference

The LaGov Travel System provides automated processing of travel authorizations, advances and expenses. It  is both a central entry system, which is currently done at most agencies, and an employee entry system. Employee entry allows state employees to enter their own travel expense information and forward a printed copy of the entry, including receipts, to the agency central travel office for auditing and processing. Once processed and approved, whether done through central entry or employee entry, an electronic transfer of the reimbursement will be deposited directly into the employee`s travel bank account, whether that account is separate from or the same as the bank account used for the employee`s regular pay.