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Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC)

The Louisiana Administrative Code is a state-certified publication that provides a set of rules which have been formally adopted or amended by Louisiana state agencies.
Additional information about LAC publications is available below.

About the LAC Publications

The compiled rules in the Louisiana Administrative Code are published in accordance with legislative authority and through legal rulemaking procedure. All information appears in codified form (titles, parts, sections, etc.) so that new or amended rules can be easily referenced and res​earched.

LAC Online Publications


Users of the LAC can keep up to date with currently proposed and final rules on a monthly basis by reviewing the Louisiana Register. The information in the Louisiana Register can change and eventually update specific titles of the LAC. Visit LAC Online Publications to view the current Louisiana Administrative Code.


Volumes of the Louisiana Administrative Code may be ordered (see Public​ation List and Ordering Information ) through the:

Office of the State Register
P.O. Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095
Telephone: 225.342.5015

Electronic Notification of LAC updates


Tommy Couvillion, Louisiana Administrative Code Editor