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To assist in management of the state's finances and fixed assets by administration of the comprehensive capital outlay budget process and implementation of a comprehensive centralized facility management program.
To provide appropriate owned or leased facilities to house the operations of state government and meet the space and functional needs of each user agency.
This recognizes the need to serve two primary customers: the state agencies which occupy the owned or leased space, and the taxpayers who expect the housing of state agencies to be accomplished in a cost-effective manner.


Philosophy and Goals



Implementation of a comprehensive, centralized facility management / asset management program is essential for the proper management of the State's finances and fixed assets. Centralization is necessary in order to: develop and implement uniform standards for capital projects; establish equitable, uniform space standards; maintain an accurate, comprehensive database of the state's fixed assets; avoid costly duplication of facility management systems; and provide access to a common data base for multiple users.
The mission shall be accomplished in a manner that: is professional, efficient, cost effective, and responsive; insures that the buildings are safe, functional, energy efficient, environmentally comfortable, esthetically pleasant, secure from unlawful actions, and properly maintained; and provides the appropriate physical environment which meets the needs of each user agency.


 •To insure optimum utilization of the state's fixed assets through a statewide facility management system.
 •To insure cost effective, quality capital investments.
 •To reduce the expenditures for state leased facilities.
 •To ensure that all governmental facilities are in conformance with building codes and environmental standards.
 •To reduce energy consumptions in state facilities.
 •To increase organizational cohesiveness and effectiveness.