Louisiana Division of Administration

Real Estate Leasing

The Real Estate Leasing section of the Office of Facility Planning and Control procures leased space for state agencies, their personnel, operations, equipment or activities in accordance with Title 39 of the Louisiana Procurement Code. It also works with the Executive Branch Departments to develop office models and space standards in order to control lease costs, and assist in proper use of state-owned space by analysis of requests submitted by the Departments to determine if the function is suitable for occupancy of state-owned space.

Solicitation Information:

Leases for the use of less than 5,000 square feet of space, in a privately owned building, may be negotiated in accordance with the Rental and Lease Procedure and Regulations.

Leases for the use of 5,000 square feet or more of space, in a privately owned building, shall be awarded pursuant to La. Revised Statute 39:1594 "Competitive Bids". Solicitations will be advertised in the official state journal, The Advocate, and the official parish journal in which the building will be located.

Solicitations for procurement of 5,000 square feet or more of leased space are also advertised electronically on the LaPAC website. Once on the website, click on "Bids by Department" then "Facility Planning and Control". Vendors may also register on the website to receive electronic notices when solicitations are posted.