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Welcome to the Office of State Procurement (OSP) Training website.  OSP provides formalized training for its own staff, agency personnel, vendors, and local governmental entities eligible to use the statewide contracts developed by OSP. By participating in OSP trainings you will gain knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve procurement skills while enhancing the understanding and utilization of the procurement code, regulations and procurement policies, along with expertise in use of other business tools, techniques, and skills in support of purchasing and contracting activities.

In order to uphold public confidence in the impartial integrity of the State’s procurement efforts, ensure continued customer service improvement, provide for appropriate procurement terms and conditions and competitive pricing for all awards and pricing agreements, our training covers the full procurement cycle; resources, methods, evaluating, contract administration, compliance, small purchase requirements, as well as many other purchasing and contracting guidelines needed for a successful procurement such as ethics, communication skills, etc. 

For staff and agency personnel involved in the purchasing or contracting processes, the trainings to cover the full procurement cycle as well as other purchasing and contracting guidelines needed for a successful procurement. Training for vendors will include vendor performance expectations, bid and proposal submittal guidelines and other pertinent information associated with conducting business with the state. The curriculum for local governmental entities will include specific topics of interest to them regarding use of statewide cooperative contracts and use of the state’s search tool for state contract items, Louisiana’s Electronic Catalog (LA eCat).

Agency Training 

VENDOR training