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Capital Outlay

Capital Outlay

​The Capital Outlay Section prepares the capital outlay HB bill and the omnibus bond bill. These are presented to the legislature on the eighth day of the legislative session.

During the legislative session, committee hearings are conducted and the capital outlay bill moves through the legislature to enactment. The capital outlay act includes projects that have been proposed, reviewed, and evaluated in accordance with constitutional and statutory provisions and excludes any project deemed not feasible after evaluation. During the legislative process, the Capital Outlay Section monitors changes to the capital outlay bill and the omnibus bond bill.

After enactment of the capital outlay act, the Capital Outlay Section prepares the governor's veto messages (if any). After the governor's signature of the act, capital outlay appropriation letters are sent to notify agencies of capital outlay appropriations and of procedures required to initiate funded projects.


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