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- Land & Waterbottom Management Section

Lawrence "Les" Rosso, Jr.
Section Manager​
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Donice Bass
Contracts/Grants Reviewer (Water Bottoms)
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Contracts/Grants Reviewer (Rights-of-Way)
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Melanie Schulenberg
Contracts/Grants Reviewer (Campsites)
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Bernell Boudreaux
Appraiser/Land Specialist
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​​​Joel Brannan
Right of Way Agent 4
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Please be advised: While the Office of State Lands remains functioning and ready to serve you, in order to maintain the health and safety of our employees, we are limiting in-person office visits until further notice.  Any in-person office visits must be by appointment only.  Visitors without appointments will not be received.  We are encouraging all members of the public to conduct business, make inquiries and perform research with our office via telephone, email, regular mail and our online resources.

Land Sales Sub-Program: (L.R.S. 41:131-139)
Land sales is a sub-program that has not been emphasized in the past, but holds great potential for future revenue generation. There are three types of land which can be sold:

  1. State public lands to which title was never severed from the State (L.R.S. 41:131-139)
  2. Tax adjudicated lands (L.R.S. 47:2189)
  3. Lands designated as "non-essential" by any state agency (L.R.S. 41:140)

Non-severed lands are limited in number and the selection is restricted to those parcels having little public use and a very limited capability for producing recurring revenues. These parcels require an Executive Order from the Governor prior to being sold. Sales of tax adjudicated lands are hindered by very vague title descriptions and chains of title which are, more often than not, defective. Sales of surplus non-essential land are limited by both the decision of the controlling agency to declare properties under its jurisdiction "non-essential" and also the extremely poor condition of these properties.

  • Land Sales - Rates for Sales of State Lands is governed by L.R.S. 41:134
  • Land Leasing - Rates for Leasing State Lands is governed by L.R.S. 41:1214

Rights-of-Way and Surface Leases Sub-Program: (L.R.S. 41:11731211; ​1221)
The rights-of-way program provides for the issuance of rights-of-way across public lands and waterbottoms to individuals and corporations doing business in the state. The surface leasing program has been updated and expanded. This sub-program is one that is most appreciated by the public and is generally not dependent​ on the oil and gas industry for recurring revenue. Presently these are the largest revenue producing sub-programs.

Waterbottom Permits and Leases Sub-Program: (L.R.S. 41:1701-1714)
This sub-program provides for the permitting and leasing of structures on non-eroded waterways and for reclamation and fill of eroded areas. It also provides for permits and leases for the construction and maintenance of wharves, piers, docks and other commercial structures on navigable waterbo​ttoms. Presently there exist numerous commercial restaurants, buildings and landfills on public waters.
Rates for waterbottom leases are governed by Title 43 Section 27.

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