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​2019 Grantee Handbook

Below are links to the 2019 Exhibits by Sections (fillable PDF and Excel Forms - not all exhibits are included)

A-36 Architect's Certification-Compliance with Minimum Standards for Accessibility by the Physically Handicapped
A-42 Verification of Contractor's Bonding-Insurance
A-37 Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement
A-44 Qualification Certification for RPR
A-46 City-Parish Employment
A-51 Contract and Subcontract Activity
A-54 Section 3 Complaint Register
A-56 Fair Housing Assessment
A-58 Section 504 Assurance
A-61 LCDBG Request for Program Amendment

Section B Exhibits

B-1 Appointment of Labor Compliance Officer
B-3 Initial Wage Decision Request (optional)
B-5 Verification of Wage Decision
B-8 Wage Rate Sheet
B-9 Verification of Posting Requirements
B-10 Record of Employee Interview Form
B-12 Payroll Form and Statement of Compliance
B-14 Payroll Deduction Authorization
B-15 Notice of Restitution Due
B-16 Labor Standards Enforcement Report

Section C Exhibits

C-4 Statement of Settlement Costs
C-6 Property and-or Servitude Acquisition Waiver
C-12 Voluntary Acquisition Policy
C-13 Acquisition Composite List
C-14 Real Property Acquisition Checklist
C-16 Residential Antidisplacement and Relocation Assistance Certification
C-25 Claim for Moving and Related Expenses
C-26 Claim for Replacement Housing Payment for 180-Day Homeowners
C-27 Claim for Rental or Down Payment Assistance
C-30 Relocation Composite List
C-31 Relocation File Checklist

Section D Exhibit

D-7 Equipment Analysis

Section E Exhibits

E-5 Applicant Data Form
E-5 Certificate of Completion
E-5 FINAL Grant Progress Form
E-5 Final Wage Compliance Report
E-5 Housing Opportunities Form
E-5 Miscellaneous Information Form
E-5 Program Completion Cover Sheet
E-5 Section 3 Summary Report