Louisiana Division of Administration

Administrative Manual

The Disaster Recovery CDBG Grantee Administrative Manual is provided to assist Louisiana Disaster Recovery Community Development Block Grant grantees and subrecipients (parishes and units of local government) in implementing disaster recovery grants. It provides guidance regarding the general requirements included in all cooperative endeavor agreements that apply to parishes and units of local government.
On June 28, 2012, OCD presented a webinar about Monitoring and Close-Out Procedures, addressing Chapters 12 and 13 of the Administration Manual.​
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Section 10 - Acquisition and Relocation

Exhibit 10-1 Sample Voluntary Acquisition Policy

Exhibit 10-2 Preliminary Notice, Acquisition Notice, Form and Brochure

Exhibit 10-3 Sample Statement of the Basis for the Determination of Just Compensation

Exhibit 10-4 ​Sample Written Offer to Purchase

Exhibit 10-5 Guideform Notice of Eligibility for Relocation Assistance - Residential Tenant

Exhibit 10-6 Sample Statement of Settlement Costs

Exhibit 10-7 Acquisition Composite List

Exhibit 10-8 Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions

Exhibit 10-9 Sample Invitation to Accompany an Appraiser

Exhibit 10-10 Sample Short Appraisal Form for Servitude Takings

Exhibit 10-11 Sample Review Appraisal Report

Exhibit 10-12 Sample Notice of Intent Not to Acquire

Exhibit 10-13 ​Sample Property and/or Servitude Acquisition Waiver

Exhibit 10-14 ​Recommended Local Relocation Policy

Exhibit 10-15 Sample Household Case Record

Exhibit 10-16 HUD Form 5280 Inspection Checklist - Housing Choice Voucher Program

Exhibit 10-17 HUD Form 40061: Selection of Most Representative Comparable Replacement Dwelling for Computing a Replacement Housing Payment

Exhibit 10-18 Sample Letter to Relocate in a Substandard Unit

Exhibit 10-19 Sample 90/30 Day Notice to Vacate

Exhibit 10-20 List of Eligible Moving Activities

Exhibit 10-21 ​Sample Elderly Waiver for Relocation

Exhibit 10-22 Sample Temporary Relocation Notice (Tenant)

Exhibit 10-23 Sample Displaced Tenant General Information Notice

Exhibit 10-24 Sample Notice of URA Eligibili​​ty - Nonresidential

Exhibit 10-25 HUD Notice: Relocation Assistance to Displaced Businesses

Exhibit 10-26 HUD Form 40055: Claim for Actual Reasonable Moving and Related Expenses- Nonresidential

Exhibit 10-27 HUD Form 40056: Claim for Fixed Payment in Lieu of Payment for Actual Nonresidential Moving and Related Expenses

Exhibit 10-28 HUD Form 40054: Residential Claim for Moving and Related Expenses

Exhibit 10-29 HUD Form 40057: Claim for Replacement Housing Payment for 180-Day Homeowner-Occupant

Exhibit 10-30 HUD Form 40058: Claim for Rental Assistance or Down Payment Assistance

Exhibit 10-31 Sample Letter of Acknowledgement: Services and Payments Rendered

Exhibit 10-32 Guideform Notice of Nondisplacement to Residential Tenant

Exhibit 10-33 General URA Acquisition Process Checklist

Exhibit 10-34 Sample Real Property Acquisition Checklist

Exhibit 10-35 Sample Relocation File Checklist