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Instructions to Designers Word Files

Memorandum for 2019
Changes for 2019 ​
​​Table of Contents
01 General Instructions to Designers02 Instructions on Specifications
03 Instructions on Roofing Systems​​04 Agenda for Roofing Conferences
​​05 Guidelines for Mechanical Designers06 Energy Conservation and Sustainability
09 Code Analysis, ADA & Universal Design 10 Guidelines for AutoCad Drawings Submittal
11 Asbestos Identification and Removal
14 Pre-Design Conference Agenda 15 Pre-Construction Conference Agenda
16 Pre-Close Out Conference Agenda 17 Design Phase Transmittal
18 Professional Design Services Invoice19 Statement of Probable Cost
20 Bid Tabulation Form
24 Instructions to Bidders 25 Bid Form
35 Liquidated Damages Assessment