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To form a basic understanding of Louisiana’s rule making process, you should begin with a review of the Louisiana Administrative Act (APA). The purpose of the APA was ‘to establish a basic, streamlined system to replace the hundreds of rules and regulations in some 189 state agencies, commissions, and boards.’

~1982 Louisiana Law Review, Quote from the Chairman of the Interim Joint Legislative Committee
on Formulation of Administrative Rules of Procedure

This streamlined system included a set procedure for adopting all rules. It also gave the public a chance to be involved in rule-making procedures, from initiation and review, to the right to challenge current rules in effect.

This procedure involves promulgation in the Louisiana Register prior to incorporation into Louisiana Administrative Code compilations.

This training portal provides practical instruction for reader comprehension, legal research, and agency rule writers concerning rule promulgation and compilation.

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Catherine Brindley
Louisiana Register Editor