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Office of the State Register​ 

The Office of State Register (OSR) publishes all of the state's rulemaking documents so residents will be aware of proposed and finally adopted additions or changes in state agency administrative law. Rules are adopted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act in a process that allows for public comments as well as legislative oversight and input. The documents also include public notices and governor's executive orders. Louisiana statutes direct agencies to engage in the rulemaking process in order to implement new state and federal laws.

Documents are published monthly in the Louisiana Register and in the compiled set of administrative law, the Louisiana Administrative Code.

OSR staff works with agencies in drafting, editing, organizing and indexing their rules to maintain a user-friendly, cohesive body of administrative law.

State Register is also the one place for residents to access Louisiana's administrative law in its two publications as well as free on-line access to all of its publications.

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