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2019 Executive Orders

JBE 19-01
Carry-Forward Bond Allocation 2018

JBE 19-02
Offender Labor

JBE 19-03
Suspension of Early Voting

JBE 19-04
Protecting Health Coverage in Louisiana Task Force

JBE 19-05
Flags at Half-Staff--Honorable Dr. Donald Elliott “Doc” Hines

JBE 19-06
Louisiana Highly Automated Large Air Craft Systems (L-UAS) Commission Labor

JBE 19-07
Licensed Bed Capacity for Nursing Homes

JBE 19-08
DOTD Disaster Relief for Vehicles, Trucks and Loads

JBE 19-09
Hurricane Barry--Emergency Temporary Suspension of Licensure Requirements for Medical Professionals and Personnel Licensed Out-of-State and Emergency Medical Technicians Licensed Out-of-State

JBE 19-10
Bond Allocation 2019 Ceiling

JBE 19-11
Protecting Health Coverage in Louisiana Task Force--Amending Executive Order Number JBE 19-4

JBE 19-12
Emergency Operations Plan

JBE 19-13
Flags at Half-Staff--Theodore “Ted” Jones

JBE 19-14
Flags at Half-Staff--Former Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

JBE 19-15
Broadband for Everyone in Louisiana Commission

JBE 19-16
Bond Allocation 2019 Ceiling

JBE 19-17
Flags at Half-Staff--Vincent Liberto Jr.

JBE 19-18
Flags at Half-Staff--Heulette “Clo” Fontenot, Jr.

JBE 19-19
Louisiana Cybersecurity Commission--Amending Executive Order Number 17-31