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Division of Administration​ Division of Administration​
Office of Human Resources​ Office of Human Resources​
Claiborne Building​ P.O. Box 94095​
1201 N. Third Street​ Baton Rouge, LA  70804-9095​
Suite 3-130​
Baton Rouge, LA  70804-9095
Telephone:  225.342.6060​                                                                        Click for directions....

Fax:  225.219.9558        

Cheryl Schilling Director of Human Resources​
Andrea Dixon​Human Resources Specialist​
​Brandon Blanchard ​Staffing/Compensation Supervisor
​Brenda Whitehead ​Human Resources Specialist
​Christina Cardona ​Human Resources Manager
​Diana Frank ​Human Resources Manager
Jasmine PackHuman Resources
Jennifer Ginn ​Human Resources Specialist
​Jessamye Charette ​Human Resources Analyst
​Karen Burch ​Training and Development Specialist
​Linni McGinnis ​Human Resources Specialist
Mary DesOrmeaux ​Human Resources Analyst
Monica Pierce ​Human Resources Supervisor
Nadine DoleseHuman Resources Analyst
​Pamela McCallum ​Human Resources Manager
​Sandra Guy ​Human Resources Specialist
​Shirley Ginn ​Administrative Coordinator
​Stephenie Fontenot ​Human Resources Manager
Tamara Davis​Human Resources Analyst ​
​Taylor McDowell​Human Resources Analyst ​
Vanessa McKee​Human Resources Analyst​
Veronica Cambre​Human Resources Analyst ​
​Vincent Miholic ​Training and Development Program Manager
​Yvette Rispone ​Human Resources Specialist