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Please be advised: While the Office of State Lands remains functioning and ready to serve you, in order to maintain the health and safety of our employees, we are limiting in-person office visits until further notice.  Any in-person office visits must be by appointment only.  Visitors without appointments will not be received.  We are encouraging all members of the public to conduct business, make inquiries and perform research with our office via telephone, email, regular mail and our online resources.

Hunting State Lands
Hunting Policy
Campsite/Surface Lease
Campsite/Surface Leasing
Campsite Rental Rates
Surface/Subsurface Lease (SWD)
Surface/Subsurface Lease Renewal (SWD)
Transfer Request Form (Standard)
Transfer Request Form (Dual Notary)
Assignment of Surface/Subsurface Lease (SWD)
Amendment To Surface/Subsurface Lease (SWD)
Surface Lease (O&G)
Surface Lease Renewal (O&G)
Surface Lease Assignment (O&G)
Surface Lease Amendment (O&G)
Release of Surface Lease (O&G)
Right-Of-Way Forms
Report to Oversight Committees
Proposed Rule Changes
Pipeline Right-Of-Way Grant
Right-Of-Way Grant
Assignment of Right-Of-Way
Procedures for Assigning a Right-Of-Way
Partial Assignment of Right-Of-Way
Amendment To Right-Of-Way Grant
Release Of State Right-Of-Way
Partial Release of State Right-Of-Way
Pipeline Right-Of-Way Grant Renewal
Right-Of-Way Grant Renewal
Subsurface Agreement  
Surface Lease With Subsurface Agreement
Assignment of Subsurface Agreement
Assignment of Surface Lease With Subsurface Agreement
Amendment To Subsurface Agreement
Amendment To Surface Lease With Subsurface Agreement
Release of Subsurface Agreement
Release Of Surface/Subsurface Agre​ement
Rules and Regulations Booklet for Granting Rights-Of-Way
Costs For Above Ground Installations
2020 Rates
State Land & Building Inventory (SLABI)​ Forms
SLABI Tutorial Video
SLABI Manual
Business Entity Setup Form​
SLABI Planning District Map
District & Parish Codes
Tax Forms
Tax Land Redemption Procedures​
Tax Land Sale Procedures and Request Form
Valuation Certificate
Amended Process Verbal​​
Cancellation Affidavit
Cancellation Affidavit (Title Already Vested in State)
Cancellation Affidavit (Dual Assessment)
Water Bottom Forms
Rules and Regulations
Applying for Permits and/or Leases
Water Bottom Lease Checklist
Permit Form A
Permit Form B
Permit Form C
Permit Form D
Permit Form E
Recreational Water Bottom Lease
Commercial Water Bottom Lease
Residential Water Bottom Lease
Transfer of Water Bottom Lease
Sample Boundary Agreement
Publications & Information
Document Definitions
Instructions to Deputy Surveyors
History of Land Titles in Louisiana
Utilizing the OSL Website to Find Common Historical Land Title Documents
Louisiana State Historical Land Records and Their Relevance to Genealogists
Atchafalaya Basin Campsite Areas
Atchafalaya Basin Map​ (See note below)
*Note: Printed copies of the Atchafalaya Basin Map are available at the Office of State Lands for $40*

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