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Paula Tregre
Phone: 225-342-8010
FAX: (225) 342-9756

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Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095

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Procurement-Related Emergency Declarations

The Office of State Procurement (OSP) serves the agencies and people of Louisiana by ensuring that the state’s contracting and purchasing activities are conducted legally, fairly, and efficiently.
OSP is responsible for maintaining standards, and for conducting the review and technical approval of professional, personal, consulting and social services contracts needed by state agencies. The office verifies that the competition process for each contract is fair, that funding has been appropriated to pay for services, and that the proposed services are reasonable and advisable in relation to the agency’s mission and the state’s priorities.
OSP also manages the purchasing of equipment, goods, supplies and operating services needed by state agencies. The office researches, develops and issues both statewide and agency-specific contracts and competitively bids items not covered under annual contracts. In all of its purchasing activities the office strives to reduce costs to the state by harnessing the purchasing power of the entire state to obtain the best pricing for all agencies, large and small.

OSP strives to ensure a fair, competitive bidding environment for all vendors, while also ensuring that vendors have performed well in their contract​ual duties to state agencies and the public. It also manages the Hudson and Veterans Initiatives for Small Entrepreneurships to ensure that agencies give due consideration to contracting with local small businesses.