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Louisiana's Hudson Initiative (Small Entrepreneurship) Program

Hudson Initiative (Small Entrepreneurship) Certified Vendors from LaPAC


The Louisiana Initiative for Small Entrepreneurships (the Hudson Initiative) was established in accordance with La. R.S. 39:2001- 2008 and La. R.S. 51:931. This is a goal-oriented program which encourages State agencies to contract with certified small entrepreneurships, as well as encouraging contractors who receive contracts from the State to use good faith efforts to utilize certified small entrepreneurships as subcontractors in the performance of the contract. The Hudson Initiative is a race and gender-neutral program. The primary intent of this program is to provide additional opportunities for Louisiana-based small entrepreneurships that are certified by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development to participate in contracting and procurement with the State. The comprehensive rules governing the implementation of the program are located at This program is under the auspices of Louisiana Department of Economic Development. All State departments/agencies including the Office of State Procurement, Facility Planning and Control, and the Department of Transportation and Development, as well as colleges and universities, and community and technical colleges are encouraged to participate in this program. The Office of State Procurement facilitates the administration of the program.

Certain procurements will be designated as suitable for participation in the Hudson Initiative. In order to be responsive to the solicitation, the vendor must either be a certified small entrepreneurship, in accordance with La. R.S. 39:2006, or put forth a good faith subcontracting plan to utilize certified small entrepreneurships in the performance of the contract.

In order to assist in locating those small entrepreneurships that are certified by the Department of Economic Development, a "quick reference list" has been compiled, which is arranged alphabetically and by commodity class. This list is automatically refreshed (updated) each time it is opened. The complete list of certified small entrepreneurships is maintained by Louisiana Department of Economic Development, which is responsible for certification of businesses. The list may be accessed here:

Small entrepreneurships that are not currently certified and are interested in participating in procurement and contracting opportunities with the State under the Hudson Initiative are encouraged to visit the Louisiana Economic Development Small Business Certification System at for qualification requirements and on-line certification. After certification, businesses are encouraged to register in the LaGov Supplier Portal: