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Luggage Allowances (Receipts Required)
  • A Department Head or his designee may approve reimbursement to a traveler for airline charges for first checked bag for a business trip of 5 days or less and for a second checked bag for a 6 - 10 day business trip and/or any additional baggage which is business related and required by the department. The traveler must present a receipt to substantiate these charges.
  • Travelers will be reimbursed for excess baggage charges (overweight baggage) only in the following circumstances:
  • When traveling with heavy or bulky materials or equipment necessary for business.
  • The excess baggage consists of organization records or property.
Airline Checked Baggage Fees
Airline baggage fees have recently changed. Notably, American Airlines and United Airlines have established fees for the first checked bag for domestic, economy travel. Please be aware that all policies are subject to change at any time. Travelers should refer to the carrier web site prior to travel to ensure awareness of any changes. If you have any questions about this information, please contact your Short's representative.
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