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Emergency Rules​

Agencies are given the authority through R.S. 49:953(B) to adopt temporary rules in order to create emergency provisions to prevent an imminent peril to the public health, safety, or welfare. These Emergency Rules can be effective upon signature and are filed with the Office of the State Register within five days of adoption. This page provides the reader with the text of the Emergency Rules that will appear in the next printing of the Louisiana Register. The Emergency Rules on this page will be removed when the current Louisiana Register is displayed on-line. As new Emergency Rules are created, they will be posted here.

Agency​Emergency Rule​Effective Date
Department of HealthMedicaid Program--Repeal of Reimbursement Rate Reductions and Program and Services TerminationsJune 16, 2018
Department of Children and Family ServicesResidential HomeJune 1, 2018
Department of HealthHealthcare Services Provider Fees--Emergency Ground Ambulance and Hospital Provider FeesJuly 1, 2018
Department of HealthMajor Medical Centers Specialized Burn Care UnitsJune 30, 2018
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Modification of the 2018 Private Recreational Red Snapper SeasonJune 20, 2018
Tuition Trust AuthoritySTART Saving ProgramJune 20, 2018
Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
Child Care Criminal Background ChecksJune 20, 2018
Department of Wildlife and FisheriesSpring Shrimp Season Closure--Portion of Zone 1 and Zone 2June 21, 2018
Department of HealthTransition of State-Owned or Operated Nursing Facility to a Private FacilityJuly 5, 2018
Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Emerald Ash Borer QuarantineJune 27, 2018
Office of Public HealthAdded Controlled Dangerous SubstancesJune 27, 2018
Department of Wildlife and FisheriesSpring Shrimp Season Closure--Portion of Zone 1 and Zone 3June 29, 2018
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries​Modification of the 2018 Private Recreational Red Snapper SeasonJuly 3, 2018
Department of Health​Added Controlled Substances​June 27, 2018
Workforce CommissionPlumbers--Introductory Information; Licenses​July 20, 2018
Department of Children and Family ServicesCriminal Background and State Central Registry Checks; Risk Assessment Evaluation; State Repository, Central Registry and Administrative AppealJuly 1, 2018
Board of Regents2018 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature and TOPS Core Curriculum EquivalentsJune 20, 2018
Department of Health
Abortion Facilities--Licensing StandardsJuly 31, 2018

Electronic Notification of Emergency Rules