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Emergency Rules​

Agencies are given the authority through R.S. 49:953(B) to adopt temporary rules in order to create emergency provisions to prevent an imminent peril to the public health, safety, or welfare. These Emergency Rules can be effective upon signature and are filed with the Office of the State Register within five days of adoption. This page provides the reader with the text of the Emergency Rules that will appear in the next printing of the Louisiana Register. The Emergency Rules on this page will be removed when the current Louisiana Register is displayed on-line. As new Emergency Rules are created, they will be posted here.

Agency ​Emergency Rule ​Effective Date
Boxing and Wrestling Commission
Blood Work Laboratory Results for Class "B" ContestantsMay 10, 2019
Department of Wildlife and FisheriesOffshore Shrimp Season ReopeningMay 20, 2019
Department of Wildlife and FisheriesCommercial Greater Amberjack Season ClosureMay 16, 2019

Board of Examiners for New Orleans and Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots for the Mississippi River

Standards of ConductMay 17, 2019
Department of Wildlife and FisheriesOpening of Shrimp Season in a Portion of State Outside WatersApril 22, 2019
Department of Agriculture and ForestryGuava Root Knot QuarantineJune 5, 2019
Department of Children and Family ServicesState Central RegistryJune 11, 2019
Department of Public Safety and CorrectionsProvisional Certification for VeteransJune 19, 2019
Department of Wildlife and FisheriesClosure of Spring Inshore Shrimp Season in State Inside WatersJune 28, 2019
Office of Student Financial AssistanceTOPS ExceptionsJune 19, 2019
Department of Public Safety and CorrectionsFireworks Public Display and Operators
June 27, 2019
Coastal Recreation and Restoration AuthorityCessation of Activities on Levees and Flood Control Structures
June 30, 2019
Department of Health
Ground Ambulance Provider Fees and Enhanced Reimbursements for Qualifying Ground Ambulance Service ProvidersJuly 1, 2019
Department of Health Inpatient Hospital Services--Reimbursement Methodology--Outlier Pool Rate IncreaseJuly 1, 2019
Department of RevenueCBD and Hemp Public SafetyJune 27, 2019
Department of Wildlife and FisheriesExemption for Use of Tested and Certified Natural Deer Urine AttractantsJuly 1, 2019
Department of Children and Family ServicesAdoption Subsidy Program and Adoption Petition Program
July 9, 2019
Department of Children and Family ServicesState Central Registry and Child Protective Services
Administrative Appeal
July 9, 2019
Department of Health Abortion Facilities--Licensing StandardsJuly 29, 2019
Department of Health Pharmacy Benefits Management Program--Pharmacy CopaymentJuly 31, 2019
Department of Health Nursing Facilities--Licensing Standards--Virtual VisitationJuly 20, 2019
Department of Health Registration of Foods, Drugs, Cosmetics, and Prophylactic DevicesJuly 10, 2019

Electronic Notification of Emergency Rules