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Office of State Uniform Payroll

Statewide Vendors/Products Approved for Payroll Deduction January 1, 2020

The following vendors/products are approved for payroll deduction for state employees in accordance with the Payroll Deduction rule for Plan Year January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020  If there are any questions concerning payroll deductions, please contact your Employee Administration Unit.  For questions specific to the insurance products offered, please contact the vendor's sales coordinator or customer service.  Please review the Website Disclaimer for important information about the contents of this page.

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Generic Product Definitions
To see a list of generic product definitions and questions to consider asking when selecting certain products click on the title above.

Search by Product
Click on the Product Name to see a listing of all insurance companies that offer this product for payroll deduction, as well as generic product definitions and sample questions to consider asking when looking for a particular product.

Accident/Disability Dental
Cancer Heart or Hospital Confinement
Critical Illness Identity Theft


Search by Vendor
Click on the Insurance Company Name to see a listing of all products offered by that vendor, as well as contact information.

American Family Life Assurance Co. (AFLAC) MS of A Dent-All Plan, Inc.
American Heritage Life Insurance Co. National Teachers Associates Life
American Public Life New York Life Insurance Co.
Colonial Life & Accident Protective Life Insurance Co.
Delta Dental Insurance Co. Starmount Life Insurance
Guaranty Assurance Co. (DINA) Transamerica Life Insurance Co.
Guaranty Income Life (Q-Dent) Washington National Insurance Co.


Flexible Benefits Plan
To see a listing of all products approved for the Flexible Benefits Plan (FBP) pre-tax deduction click on the title above. NOTE: Participants in the Flex Plan are locked into their Flex Plan elections for the twelve (12) months of the Plan Year unless they experience a qualified event for a Change In Status. For more information, review the Flexible Benefits Plan summary guide document available on the Office of Group Benefits website under the Health Plans quick link and contact your Employee Administration Unit or Human Resource/Payroll Office with any questions.

Complete Vendor/Product Listing​
To see a listing of all vendors and the products they offer, links to Vendor websites, as well as contact information, click on the title above.