Louisiana Division of Administration

Workshops and Training

The Office of State Uniform Payroll in conjunction with the Office of Risk Management and the Office of Information Services conducted several worker's compensation workshops. These workshops encompassed training agency personnel on the worker's compensation process, entry of transactions in LaGov HCM and creating a more uniform procedure on handling this process.

Office of Information Services and Office of State Uniform Payroll Training Manual (Revised July 2007)
OSUP Memo #2006-09 OSUP Policy on Worker's Compensation
Note:  The following memos have been released since the July 2007 manual revision date.  Until OSUP/OIS conducts the next round of workshops, agencies should manually update their Worker's Comp manual, using the information from these memos:

OSUP Memo #2009-52 Update to OSUP Memorandum #2007-09 Worker's Comp Leave
OSUP Memo #2012-29 FARA Worker's Comp Check Pay Schedules
OSUP Memo #2012-39 Update to OSUP Memorandum #2006-09 OSUP Policy on Worker's Compensation