Louisiana Division of Administration

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Procurement Support Team

What is the Office of State Procurement (OSP), Purchasing Procurement Support Team (PST)?

The Purchasing Procurement Support Team is created in both statute and rule: La. R.S. 39:200.1 and LAC 34.I.5513.  The PST serves as an advisory group to the Office of State Procurement for every information technology contract in an amount of $225,000 or greater for the procurement of information technology hardware, hardware maintenance, software, software maintenance, software support services, fiscal intermediary services in processing claims of health care providers, or master agreements.  Its members include representatives from the Legislative Fiscal Office, the Legislative Legal Staff, the Procuring Agency, the Office of Technology Services, and the Office of State Procurement - Purchasing.  

When is PST review required?

Information Technology (IT) consulting services exceeding $225,000 require PST review of the RFP, the selection process, and the subsequent contract. Sole source and emergency IT consulting services contracts exceeding $225,000 also require PST review. All other consulting services anticipated to cost $225,000 or more will require PST review of the RFP, the selection process, and subsequent contract only if required by the director of Professional Contracts.

When does PST meet?

The PST meets on an "as needed" basis.

Guidelines for submitting an RFP and PST review:

For ITBs /RFPs and contracts/agreements requiring review by the PST, the agency should submit one copy of the draft ITB, draft RFP or unsigned draft contract / agreement to Purchasing at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the next scheduled PST meeting.  The documents must be submitted in electronic format via ProAct or email to DOA-OSPHelpdesk@la.gov. Please mark the documents clearly and include a cover memo advising Purchasing of the request for PST review.  Additionally, the PST IT-form must be completed and submitted.