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Office of State Procurement Staff

Office of State Procurement
1201 N. Third Street, Suite 2-160
Post Office Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095
Tel: 225.342.8010 - Fax: 225.342.9756

Receptionist: Crystal Welch, Administrative Coordinator Phone: 225.342.8010

Help Desk Email Addresses:


Phone:  225.342.8010

OSP Professional Contracts DOA-PCHELPDESK@LA.GOV
Phone:  225.342.8010
Vendor Inquiries VENDR_INQ@LA.GOV
Phone:  225.342.8010

Paula Tregre, State Procurement Director

   Administrative Support:
     Margie Golmon, Executive Staff Officer
     Caroline Eidson, Administrative Coordinator

Tom Ketterer, Deputy Director

Felicia Sonnier, CPPB, Assistant Director
IT & Complex Services & Cooperative Contracts

Garret DeBate, CPA, Assistant Director
Analytics - Management & Finance

Jonathan Walker, MPA, Assistant Director
Policy, Training & Compliance

Karen Loftin, Esq., Assistant Director
Vendor Relations & Legal Liaison

Pamela Rice, Esq., Assistant Director 
Professional Services & Request for Proposals (RFPs)


Manager:  Lynn Godwin

Supervisor:  Blake Latiolais

Team Staff: 
   Administrative Support
      Rhonda Davis, Administrative Coordinator

Adam Cox, State Procurement Analyst
Commoditiies to be assigned.

Alana Clark, State Procurement Analyst
A/C Units & Repair; Rental of Air Conditioning; Heating, Heating System Repair & Maintenance; Air Conditioner Filters; Condensing Units; Refrigerant Compressors; Humidity Control; Fans; Airboat Charter; Helicopter Rental; Scaffolds; Chains, Wire, Cable & Supplies; Concierge Services; Costume Rental; Laundering Services; Guard Dog Rental; Armored Car Services; Teller Machines; Award Medals; Trophies, Plaques; Commercial Fishing, Hunting Equipment & Supplies; Aerial Photography Services; Ice Machines; Rubber Goods; Packaging Supplies; Mailing Machines, Equipment & Services; Stamp Machines & Equipment; Voting Machines; Camping & Outdoor Supplies; Arts & Crafts; Musical Instruments; Household Appliances; Hazardous Material Waste Disposal; Transport Services; Commercial Appliances, i.e., Vending Machines, Snack Machines, etc.; Fitness Equipment; Sports Equipment; Lease & Rental of Boat Slips/Storage; Office Supplies; Farm Tires; Tires; Automotive Parts.

Allison Lansing, State Procurement Analyst –
Clothing, Apparel, &Uniforms; Footwear; Rainwear; Safety Apparel, i.e. Safety vests, Life jackets, etc.; Textiles, Fibers, Linens & Piece Goods; Sewing Room & Textile Machinery, Notions & Supplies; Court Reporting Equipment; Signs, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equipment & Supplies; 3M Brand Name License Plate Sheeting; Insurance, Communication & Newspaper Media Services; Public Information Services; Copyrighted Materials (Westlaw); Advertising (Notice of Bid Solicitation); Advertising Agency Services; Media Placement & Fulfillment; Conferences; Catering Services; Paint & Spray Paint.

Amy Gotreaux, CPPB, State Procurement Analyst –
EDS; Irrigation Repair Services; DOTD Buybacks; Tarpaulins; Prison Enterprises Product Sales Contract; Golf Carts & Utility Vehicles; Ready-Mix Concrete; Light Tower Rentals; All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV); Road & Highway Building Materials; Forklifts; Hand Tools (Powered & Non-Powered); Lumber & Related Products; Acoustical Tile; Building Supplies; Roofing Equipment & Supplies; Welding Equipment & Supplies; Industrial Gases; Metals; Aggregates.

Ben James, State Procurement Analyst – 
Furniture-Office; Health Care and Hospital Facility, Laboratory, Cafeteria, Chapel, Dormitory, Household, Library, Lounge, Classroom, Courtroom; Library Mobile and Stationary Shelving; Lockers; Files-Vertical, Lateral, Fireproof, Mobile Systems, Rotary Systems, Carousel Filing Systems, Library and Archival Equipment, Paper Shredders, Mattresses & Bed Springs, Picture Framing Services, Theatrical Equipment and Supplies, Venetian Blinds, Awnings and Shades, Barber and Beauty Shop Equipment and Supplies; Folding Tables, Rotary File Systems, Carpet; Floor Machines; Playground Equipment and Accessories; Lawn Care/Golf & Turf Equipment; Lawn/Garden Maintenance Equipment.

Chasity Austin, State Procurement Analyst –
Industrial & Manufacturing Supplies; Sheet Piling; Barrels, Drums, Kegs & Containers; Bearings (except Wheel Bearings & Seals); Belts & Belting Material & Accessories; Electrical Equipment & Supplies; Cable & Supplies; Plumbing Fixtures/Parts; Gambling; Fastening; Packaging Strapping; Tying Equipment & Supplies; Industrial Commercial Garden Hoses, Accessories & Supplies; Outboard Motors; Spraying Equipment (except Household, Nursery & Paint) & Supplies; Generators; Material Handling, Storage Equipment & Supplies; Lights & Ballasts; Pumping Equipment & Supplies; Oil Well & Drilling Equipment; Water Testing Analysis; Industrial Equipment, Parts & Accessories; Oils & Greases; Road & Highway Equipment, Accessories & Parts.

Christopher Kline, State Procurement Analyst
Construction under $50,000.

James Anderson, State Procurement Analyst –
Vehicles - Passenger, Light, Medium & Heavy Trucks, Police, & Cargo Vans; Ambulances; Motorcycles; School Buses; Medium & Heavy Duty Cab & Chassis Trucks; Transportation Services; Ambulance Services; FTA Handicap Modified Vans & Buses; State Fleet Fuel Card; Vehicle Repair Maintenance; Bulk Fuel.

Kim Mulder, State Procurement Analyst – 
Elevators & Elevator Maintenance; Waste Services; Emergency Contracts for Portable Storage Containers, Portable Air Conditioner Units & Emergency Guard Services for DPS; Guard Services; Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance.

Mason Bourgeois, State Procurement Analyst
Fire Protection Equipment & Supplies; Police and Prison Equipment and Supplies; Ammunition, Body Armor, Metal Detectors, etc., Security Access Systems & Supplies; Emergency Warning System Services; Janitorial and Custodial Services; Pest Control (including Termite Inspection); Safety and Water Rescue Water Craft; Military Watercraft, Canoes/Kayaks; Herbicide Spraying by Airboat Charter; Auctioneering Services; GPS Equipment; Auto, Marine and Alkaline Batteries; Auto Glass; Automotive Glass and Building Glass, Chicken Processing Equipment.


Manager: Lillie Christopher
Supervisor:  Claire Shaheen
Team Staff: 
   Administrative Support:
     Paulett Hood, Administrative Coordinator 

Christine Schwartenburg, State Procurement Analyst
MMCAP, Pharmaceutical Services, First Aid, Mobility, Speech Impaired and Restraint Items; Hearing Aid Equipment, Surgical Laboratory Supplies Contract, Infectious Waste Disposal, Condoms, Drug Testing and Kits.

Desiree Brown, State Procurement Analyst
Copy Machines; Facsimile Transceivers; Nurse Call Systems; Mobile & Base Stations; Facsimile (Fax) Services; Fire Trucks; Lightbars & Sirens; Electronic Monitoring (OJJ); Temporary Personnel Services (Westaff).

Dorian Allen, State Procurement Analyst
Commodities to be assigned.

Johnette Jackson, State Procurement Analyst

Technology Statewide Standards Contracts, Optical Scanning Services, Internet Subscription Services, Online Services, Inventory Systems-Asset Works; FM Radio Based Emergency Alert, Photographic Supplies, Photo ID Equipment, Video Equipment, West Publishing.

Kathleen Doring, State Procurement Analyst
Printing & Related Services; Continuous Forms including Snap-outs; Continuous Mailers; Tickets, Coupons & Sales Books; Plain & Printed Envelopes; Printing Plant Equipment & Supplies; Printing Plant Bindery Equipment; Book Binding & Repairs; Decals & Stamps; Library Books & Materials; Library Audiovisuals; Paper (Office & Print Shop); Election Ballots & Voter ID’s; Highway Maps; Thermal Labels; Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners; Seeds, Sod & Seed Germination Service; Nursery Stock; Grounds Maintenance, Mowing, Edging & Plant Trimming; Vegetable Seeds & Seedlings; Interior Plant Landscaping; Landscaping including Fertilizing, Planting, etc.; Weed & Vegetation Control; Tree Trimming & Pruning Services; Animals, Birds & Marine Life; Vitamins & Supplements for Animals; Veterinary Equipment & Supplies.

Laporchia Wells, State Procurement Analyst
Brand Name Networking Contracts; Data Communications Products & Services Contracts; Emergency Services Notification; Networking Services; Offender Telephones; Video Conferencing Equipment; Telephones; Telecommunications; Broadcasting, Microwave, Transmitting Tower Equipment & Supplies; Answering & Paging Services; Communication Wiring & Cable; Television, Electronic Testing, Measuring, Analyzing Equipment & Supplies; Cellular & Radio Communication Equipment & Supplies; Ethernet Services; IB Communications, Networking & Networking Equipment; FM Radio Based Alerts; Video Conferencing Services; Courier Service; Wireless Devices & Services Contracts; Surveillance Equipment; Motorola; Internet.

Nyoki "Nikki" Elzy, State Procurement Analyst
Brand Name Microcomputers & Peripherals Contracts; Modems; Monitors; Printers, Routers, Scanners, Magnetic Media & Accessories; Still & Specialized Cameras; Multi Media & Audio/Visual Equipment & Accessories; Television Equipment & Supplies; Visual Education Equipment & Supplies; Lease of Workstations & Laptops; Digital Court Reporting Equipment; Access Cards.

Richard Iverstine, State Procurement Analyst
Cured, Fresh & Frozen Meats; Fresh & Frozen Poultry & Seafood; Milk & Dairy Products; Coffee; Bottled Water & Sports Drinks; Bread & Snack Products; Statewide Food Contracts (Food, Food Service Supplies & Equipment); Toilet Tissue & Paper Towels; Disposable Paper & Plastic Products; Kitchen Supplies; Trash Bags; Wiping Rags; Prison Enterprises Food & Meat Contract; Pediatric Nutrition; Umbrella Bags; Janitorial Supplies & Tools.

Sonya Thomas, State Procurement Analyst
Janitorial Chemicals & Supplies; Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment & Supplies; Laundry Bleach & Dry Cleaning Compounds; Commercial Chemicals & Solvents (in bulk); Disinfectants & Quaternary Type; Germicides; Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals; Detergents & Cleaning Compositions; Insecticides/Herbicides/Fungicides; Commercial Chemicals & Solvents.

Tristan Babin, State Procurement Analyst
Controlling, Indicating, Measuring & Recording Instruments & Supplies; Testing Apparatus, Instruments & Supplies (not for Electrical or Electronic Measurements); Laboratory Equipment & Supplies; Engineering & Surveying Equipment, Drawing Instruments & Supplies; Hospital Laboratory & Testing Equipment; Emergency Hazardous Waste Disposal; Emergency Gases; Referral Lab Testing; Medical Oxygen & Lab Gases; Safety Equipment & Supplies.


Manager:  Reginald "Reggie" Dumas
Supervisor:  Shawn Hoover
Team Staff: 
   Administrative Support:
     Administrative Coordinator  Vacant
Amber Collins, State Procurement Analyst
Anna Cox, State Procurement Analyst
Christy Broady, State Procurement Analyst
Claretta Blount, State Procurement Analyst –
Deborah Jackson, State Procurement Analyst
Jola Cephus, State Procurement Analyst
Liz Alcorn, State Procurement Analyst
Orben "Shawn" Smith, State Procurement Analyst

Paris King, State Procurement Analyst

Manager:  Amy Vincent
Supervisor: Alicia Parker
Team Staff: 
   Administrative Support:
     Administrative Coordinator  Vacant
Craig Dufresne, State Procurement Analyst
Derek Buras, State Procurement Analyst
Drew Harrell, State Procurement Analyst
Krystal Frank, State Procurement Analyst
Lauren Milliner, State Procurement Analyst
Logan Ganaway, State Procurement Analyst
R. Andy McKnight, State Procurement Analyst
Rebecca Williams, State Procurement Analyst –
Tuan Nguyen, State Procurement Analyst

Manager:  Claressa Johnson
Supervisor:  Jeff Folse
Team Staff:
   Administrative Support
       Cheryl East, Administrative Assistant

Brad Van Oss, State Procurement Analyst
Office of the Attorney General, LDH Office of the Secretary, Office of Behavioral Health, Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, Office of Public Health, Developmental Disabilities Council, Florida Parish Human Services, Capitol Area Human Services, South Central Louisiana Human Services, Northeast Delta Human Services, Acadiana Area Human Services, Imperial Calcasieu Human Services, Central Louisiana Human Services, Northwest Louisiana Human Services.

Brady Barr, State Procurement Analyst
Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness GOSHEP, Facility Planning & Control, Department of Veterans Affairs, Louisiana War Veterans Home, Northeast Louisiana War Veterans Home, Office of Elderly Affairs, Southwest Louisiana War Veterans Home, Northwest Louisiana War Veterans Home, Southeast Louisiana War Veterans Home, DPS Office of Management & Finance, Office of State Police, Office of Motor Vehicles, Office of State Fire Marshall, Louisiana Gaming Control Board, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Commission, Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, State Police Commission.

Christine Smiles, State Procurement Analyst
Agriculture & Forestry, Board of Cosmetology, LSU-HSC Lallie Kemp, LSU System, LSU Baton Rouge, LSU Alexandria, University of New Orleans, LSU Medical Center, LSU Shreveport, LSU Agricultural Center, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, LA Health Care Services Division, LSU Health Sciences – Shreveport, Southern University System, SU Baton Rouge, SU New Orleans, SU Shreveport, University of Louisiana System, Nicholls State University, Grambling State University, LA Tech University, McNeese State University, UL Monroe, Northwestern State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, UL Lafayette, Board of Regents, Office of Student Financial Affairs, Louisiana University Marine Consortium, Higher Education-Debt Service & Maintenance, Boards & Commissions.

Lisa Jackson, State Procurement Analyst
Louisiana Tax Commission, Board of Tax Appeals, Commission on Law Enforcement, LA Public Service Commission, Commissioner of Insurance, LA State Racing Commission, State Civil Service, Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service, Ethics Administration, Bureau of Tax Appeals, Louisiana Property Assistance, Federal Property Assistance, Division of Administrative Law, Corrections – Administration, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Office of Juvenile Justice, Avoyelles Correctional Center, Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, Allen Correctional Institute, Dixon Correctional Institute, Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, David Wade Correctional Center, Adult Probation & Parole, B.B. “Sixty” Rayburn Correctional Center, Local Housing of State Adult Offenders, Local Housing of State Juvenile Offenders, Prison Enterprises.

Myra Ford, State Procurement Analyst
Department of Military Affairs, Louisiana Public Defender Board, Secretary of State Treasurer, DCRT Office of the Secretary, DCRT Office of the State Library of Louisiana, DCRT Office of State Museum, DCRT Office of State Parks, DCRT Office of Cultural Development, DCRT Office of Tourism, DOTD Administration, DOTD Public Works, DOTD Engineering & Operations, Office of Revenue, Office of Group Benefits, Office of Risk Management, Office of Aircraft Services, DEQ Environmental Quality, Patient’s Compensation Fund.

Nancy Messina, State Procurement Analyst
Governor’s Office (Executive Office), Office of the Inspector General, Mental Health Advocacy Service, Division of Administration, Coastal Protection & Restoration Agency, Lieutenant Governor, Office of Financial Institutions, WLF Management & Finance, WLF Office of Secretary, WLF Office of Wildlife, WLF Office of Fisheries, Baton Rouge Community College, Delgado Community College, Bossier Community College, South Louisiana Community College, River Parishes Community College, Louisiana Technical College, Louisiana Community & Technical College System, Fletcher Community College, Central Louisiana Technical Community College, Office Technology Services, Office of State Procurement, Office of State Human Capitol Management, Louisiana Delta Community College, Northwest Louisiana Technical College, Nunez Community College, South Central Louisiana Technical College, Sowela Technical Community College.

Teresa Schafer, State Procurement Analyst
Office of Aging & Adult Services, Medical Vendor Administration, DNR – Office of the Secretary, DNR – Office of Conservation, DNR – Office of Mineral Resources, DNR – Office of Coastal Management, LWC Office of Workers Compensation, LWC Office of Workforce Development, La. Public Service Commission, State Civil Service, Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service, Ethics Administration.

William Hickman, State Procurement Analyst
LED Office of the Secretary, LED Office of Business Development, DCFS – Office for Children & Family Services, Louisiana School for the Deaf & Visually Impaired, Louisiana Special Education Center, Louisiana School for the Math, Science & the Arts, Thrive Academy, Louisiana Educational TV Authority, Board of Elementary & Secondary Education, New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, Department of Education State Activities, Department of Education Fiscal Operations and Federal Support, Recovery School District, Special School Districts.

RFP Team 1:

   Manager:  Austin Bachman, CPPB

   Administrative Support:
       Kiara Robinson, Administrative Coordinator

  Team Staff

   Supervisor:  Kim Adams

       Anna Carter, State Procurement Analyst

       Chris Wuchte, State Procurement Analyst – 

       Monica Clark, State Procurement Analyst

    Supervisor: Elizabeth Kunjappy, CPPB  Elizabeth

       Jared Alexis, State Procurement Analyst –

       Bess Guidry, State Procurement Analyst

       Mark Cavalier, State Procurement Analyst –

       Stephanie Horvath, State Procurement Analyst –

RFP Team 2

   Manager:  Kristi Bonvillain, CPPB

   Administrative Support:
       Kiara Robinson, Administrative Coordinator

  Team Staff

   Supervisor: Toni Gordon

       David Deer, State Procurement Analyst

       Kayla Doyle, State Procurement Analyst –

       Karen Evans, State Procurement Analyst

       Sara Carr, State Procurement Analyst –

   Supervisor:  Susan Holcomb, CPPB

       Andrew Guzzardo, State Procurement Analyst –

       Charity Warlick, State Procurement Analyst

       Geraldine Clinton, State Procurement Analyst –

       Sam Miller, State Procurement Analyst –


Garret DeBate, CPA, Assistant Director
Management & Finance
Team Staff:
Administrative Support:
      Teresa Kirk
, Administrative Program Specialist
Amber White, Business Analytics Specialist
Jeremy Meiske, Business Analytics Specialist
Scott Manguno, Business Analytics Specialist

Vendor Enrollment, Updates/Changes, LaPAC, Public Bid Reading, Bid Tabulations, Records and Files, Archives

  Support:  Phone: 225.342.8010 – Email: