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LaCarte Purchasing Card

  How To Get Started
  Updated Policy, State LaCarte Purchasing Card 

Statewide Corporate Liability LaCarte Purchasing Card Policy - Addendum #01 


Memorandum - Use of LaCarte Card for Low Dollar Goods, Supplies, Operating Services and Major Repairs $5,000 and Below

  Use of In-Store Charge Accounts

Mandatory P-Card Reports

  Running Visa IntelliLink Rules - Report Instructions
  Bank of America Contact Information
  Visa IntelliLlink Quick Tips
  Program Highlights/Benefits
  Program Administrator Information
Program Administrator Form
P-Card Program Administrator Agreement Form
P-Card Approver Agreement Form
P-Card Cardholder Agreement Form
WORKS Quick Reference
Updates for Program Administrator
Vendor's Customer ID Numbers
Prison Enterprise accepts payment via the LaCarte Card
Duties and Responsibilities of 'LaCarte' Administrators
Commodity Based Procurement Policy Revision
Bank of America General Information
LaCarte Card Exception Request
Dispute Form, Bank of America, Purchasing Card - Once completed, form should be submitted to your program administrator
Missing Receipt Form (Sample)
Frequently Asked Questions
Fraud and Misuse Presentation 
MCC Codes, All, Updated List
1099 Reportable MCC Codes
Vendor Information for Purchasing Card
LaCarte Cardholder's Overview
Commercial Solutions - Flash Report 
IRS Newsletter - detailing RIPRA
2009 LA User Meetings 
State Visa Exchange

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  For additional information telephone or email:
Tammy Toups
State Program Administrator
(225) 342-8053 
Brenda Myers
Implementation Manager
(225) 342-8039
Shelita Woods
Travel Program Manager
(225) 342-6322

Political subdivisions and local governments, please contact:

Bank of America
Mr. Terry Endres
VP Gov't. Treasury Services
800 Market Street, 12th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63101
Tel: (314) 466-6774
Fax: (312) 453-6051

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