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Applications & Forms

For more information on the Public Facilities, LaSTEP, Economic Development, or Demonstrated Need programs, contact Traci Watts at 225.342.0148.


Public Facilities

Demonstrated Needs Application Package

LaSTEP Application 

Please contact the Office of Community Development to request a LaSTEP Application Package.

Economic Development Application

Contact the Office of Community Development for an Economic Development Application.

Do not complete the Economic Development Application until the Office of Community Development, the parish or municipality and the company have met and all have determined that the application process should continue.


Forms and Information

LCDBG Procurement Procedures

Subrecipient Agreement for Administrative Activities

LCDBG Administrative Consultant Contract

Engineering Cost Reasonableness

Administrative Cost Reasonableness

 Household Survey Forms and Household Survey Instruction Forms

Allowable Professional Services Costs

Citizen Participation Requirements

Displacement Policy

Engineering Fee Schedules and Policies

Financial Management Questionnaire

Notice of Application to the Division of Administration for Community Development Block Grant Sewer Project

Language Access Plan for Limited English Proficiency Speakers

NoteAll other grant management forms can be found under the Grantee Handbook for that grant year on the Grant Management page. Please remember when completing the Closeout Package to use closeout documents from the most recent Grantee Handbook.