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OSRAP has several standardized forms that agencies are required to request that specific actions be taken. Forms are used to standardize information received from vendors, the public and state agencies. Use o​f these forms is necessary to comply with authorization, internal control, reporting and/or system requirements.
Following is the name, link to and a brief description of what each form is used for:

Check Cancellation (CX) (.pdf)

Check Cancellation (CX) (.xls) 

This form is used to cancel an ISIS check that has either been lost or stolen. Type 1 is a void and reissue, Type 3 is to void and not reissue and requires the preparation of a J1 to reverse the expenditure when the check was issued from an operating appropriation.
​Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (pdf)Please contact to reqeust an EFT/ACH form.
LaGov Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (.pdf)​This form is used as authorization for the State of Louisiana, Division of Administr​ation and their designees (State) to initiate ACH credit/deposits to the Vendors Financial Institution Account.
Manual Warrant Request (MW)This form may be used to request the recording of financial activity that was not originally recorded in ISIS (side systems), when the issuance of a check needs to be expedited, when canceling a check issued from revenue and for wire transfers from an agency. 
Non_ISIS Warrant FormThis is used by NON_ISIS Agencies when requesting moneys from MOF appropriations. 

Organization Request (.pdf) 

Organization Request (.doc)

This form is used to Add, Change, or Delete all agency defined organizations.
Payee Vendor UpdateThis form is used to change, inactivate, and reactivate existing vendor records. 

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification


This form is used to add a new vendor record or to make a name change to an existing record.
Vendor LocationThis form is used to list address locations for multiple location vendors.
Vendor Training Request FormThis form is used to request vendor training. Classes will be scheduled as demand warrants.