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Office of State Uniform Payroll

Agency Information for LaGov Accounts Payable Payments  

The Office of State Uniform Payroll (OSUP) is the accounts payable Central Control Agency for vendor payment processing for the LaGov ERP system.

Vendors on the LaGov ERP Accounts Payable System should visit the Accounts Payable Vendor page on this site. 

Payment Schedule

  • Vendor direct deposit payments are sent each work day, except when that day is a State holiday. When there is a State holiday, direct deposit payments will be sent the next working day following the holiday(s).
  • Vendor check payments are printed and mailed on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week, except when that day is a State holiday. When there is a State holiday on a Tuesday or a Friday, checks will be printed and mailed the next working day following the holiday(s).
Agency Authorization
  • All LaGov ERP agencies must complete a LaGov AP Agency Authorization Setup/Change form (see under forms to the right) to authorize personnel for different tasks.  
  • This authorization remains in effect until overwritten by a subsequent authorization form.

Agency Request for OSUP to Pull a Check Payment

  • All checks are mailed to the payee except those selected by the agency to be pulled by OSUP.
  • Agencies should review the procedure for marking a check payment to be pulled by OSUP.  See right-hand sidebar on this page.
  • Agencies must complete the LaGov AP Agency Checks Pulled Authorization Form to indicate how checks pulled by OSUP should be distributed.  Checks can be sent to the agency by messenger mail, mailed to the agency or picked up by the agency from OSUP.  Agencies will not be notified when checks have been sent messenger mail or mailed to the agency.
  • Agencies picking up checks must come to OSUP's office location on Tuesdays and Fridays between the hours of 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  Agencies will not be notified by OSUP when they have checks to be picked up.
  • Agencies must notify OSUP of those employees authorized to pickup checks by completing the LaGov AP Agency Checks Pulled Authorization Form prior to picking up checks.

Payment Reversal, Replacement and Stop Pay Forms for Agency Use Only
When requesting a reversal of a check or EFT payment, a replacement for a check payment, or a stop pay/lost check request, follow the appropriate procedure located on the right-hand side of this page and submit the proper forms as indicated to the OSUP Benefits & Financial Administration Unit by the appropriate agency personnel.

Requesting a Same-Day Wire Payment
Agencies may need to pay a vendor by Wire.  If so, request a same-day wire from the OSUP Wage & Tax Administration Unit using the procedures to the right.  Note that a wire transfer is the only electronic payment method for international banks.