Louisiana Division of Administration

Compliance and Audit

The Louisiana Property Assistance Agency Property Program has been designated by the Commissioner of Administration as responsible for the control and disposition of all state moveable property and fleet management for the State of Louisiana.  There are three sub-programs under the jurisdiction of the LPAA; the state surplus property program, the asset management moveable property program, and the fleet management program.
These programs operate under the statutory authority of Louisiana Revised Statutes 39:321-332 and 39:361-362, and the State Property Control Regulations and State Fleet Management Regulations responsible for the proper accountability, marketing, and distribution of state surplus non-consumable movable property; for returning as much revenue as possible through surplus sales back to the state for that property otherwise considered no longer of any use to any state agency, municipality or organization identified in the statutes cited above; for maintaining an inventory control program of all moveable property in use by state agencies; and for management of state vehicles in accordance with State Fleet Management Regulations.

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