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The Louisiana Property Assistance Agency has been designated by the Commissioner of Administration as responsible for the control and disposition of all state movable property and fleet management for the State of Louisiana. These programs operate under the statutory authority of Louisiana Revised Statutes 39:321-332 and 39:361-364.

Movable property regulations provide the framework needed to track movable property from cradle to grave. Inventory requirements are defined, personnel responsibilities are assigned, and disposal mechanisms for state owned mova​ble property assets are provided within these statutes. They allow LPAA to return as much revenue as possible back to the state from the sale of assets no longer needed by any state agency, or preference buyer as defined within the statutes.

The purpose of the Fleet management program is to provide motor vehicle and related services to the state and to maintain safe, dependable, and cost effective transportation for state employees requiring the use of passenger vehicles in the performance of their jobs. The statutes define objectives which are designed to regulate the fleet’s size, makeup, and benefits

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