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Office of State Uniform Payroll

Payroll Procedures for Agency Use

Procedure PDF Format Word/Excel FormatRevision Date
​ACA Health Insurance Marketplace Notices

​ACA Subsidy Notices

Aged Outstanding Payroll Checks 05/12/2015
Agency Contact Report ​​ ​10/13/2015
Agency Receipt of Garnishment Documents ​11/24/2015
Annual 1099 Payroll Reporting to OSUP ​11/20/2015
Annual Leave Buy Back 0​4/13/2012
Annual Leave Paid In Error ​04/13/2012
Annual Reporting of Sick Leave​​ to Teachers' Retirement 06/26/2019
Back Pay Awarded Under a Statute ​11/07/2017
Deceased Employee Final Payment ​11/20/2015
Deferred Compensation (457R) Plan in Lieu of Retirement ​01/14/2016
Direct Deposit (EFT) Bank Reversal​​​ ​05/20/2016
​Employee Claims Processing ​03/12/2018
​Employees Living and/or Working in Another State or Country ​11/18/2015
​Employee Name Changes ​11/18/2015
Employees Receiving Lump-Sum Payments with Active Child Support 07/26/2018
Fringe Benefits Reporting (Annually)
IRC §457 and §403(b) Voluntary Retirement Savings Contributions11/19/2015
LSU First Health Plan Deductions

Maintaining Employee Addresses11/16/2015
Medical Support Enforcement Notice

Mid-Year Flexible Benefits Plan (Flex) Eligible Statewide Vendor Processing in LaGov HCM

Military Payments06/28/2019
​New Hire Reporting 10/10/2018
​Non-Resident Alien (Alien Authorized to Work) 0​1/23/2020
Off-Cycle Payments and Active Garnishment Records09/20/2005
Offsets and Recoupments ​01/04/2013
Replace Employee Check/EFT ​12/13/2002
Retirement Processing ​11/19/2015
Request a Duplicate IRS Tax Form

Reverse Employee Check/EFT ​04/14/2016
Savings Bonds ​10/31/2018
Social Security Administration Business Services Online (BSO) Registration ​09/24/2008
Social Security Number Verification Report ​09/08/2016
State Combined Charitable Campaign

Student Tuition and Revenue Trust (START) 06/15/2016​
​Stop Pay Request 0​4/02/2012
TRSL and LSERS Annual Salary File 06/22/2018​
Verifying Form W-2 Figures 01/17/2020
Voluntary Benefits Product Code Correction

Voluntary Benefits Vendor Refund Requests

Worker's Compensation ​11/19/2015