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Information Security

The Information Security Team (IST) is responsible for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting statewide information security policies, requirements, standards, and best practices for all entities under the authority of OTS as defined by Act 712.

The IST is excited to announce and publish the Information Security Policy.

The Information Security Policy was created through the diligent work and support of many individuals focused on aligning policy, risk mitigation, and technical requirements with creating processes that add value to all Agencies. The IST sincerely appreciates everyone that assisted in the creation, many reviews and edits, and approval of the Information Security Policy.

When should someone contact the Information Security Team?

  • When you have any Policy related comment, question, or concern.
  • When you would like to request assistance or guid​​ance from the IST.
  • When you need to report a Security Event or Incident.
  • When you have a suggestion or an idea to improve the State's Information Security Program.
  • If you need to request approval or exception as required by the Information Security Policy.

​Contact Information


Information Security Hotline

Toll-free @ 844.692.8019, or

Local @ 225.342.9288


Information Security Team @

Chief Information Security Officer @