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OTS Procurement Procedures

Effective July 1, 2014, the Office of Technology Services (OTS) started implementing a consolidated IT Procurement Policy whereby the OTS will procure all IT Equipment throughout the state in accordance with Act 712 of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session. In an effort to keep all day to day procurement flowing, all requests for all IT acquisitions (i.e. hardware, software, maintenance, and services) must be submitted through the Ivanti ticket system where it will go through agency approval process. The Agency Relationship Manager or delegate(s) shall be responsible for the review and approval of all requests (i.e., Does it meet the standards and strategic direction? Do we have something else in stock that could meet the need or be shared? Does this need to be a part of a volume discount, etc.?). OTS must be involved as early as possible in all IT related technology activities at the agency to assure optimal use of IT resources and funds. OTS will determine the standards for the various types of computer equipment and peripherals that will be approved and utilized within the state, with the goal of technical compliance and efficient use of resources and funding dollars. This is necessary to ensure consistency of the statewide computing network. The Agency Relationship Manager that approves the purchase will scan the document and email it to 

Click here for a basic list of items that will be procured centrally by OTS. 


There are some consumable or specialty items which may be required only by a specific agency which will not have to be procured centrally by OTS and the agencies may procure those items themselves. These are listed on the  Exemption List. Each Agency Relationship Manager that would like to have items added to the exemption list that are specific for their agency should send them to David Dousay and Derrick Condalary.  

Agency Relationship Managers should work with agency management to decide who should be the authorized agency approvers delegated to sign off on the request from the viewpoint of need and willingness of the agency to accept the recharge from OTS. A Delegation of authority form (still in draft form) is located here, however the official copy and request will be sent out via the OTS office at a later date.

Please also remember to capture the required packing slips and paper work upon delivery to assure the required PCard logs (refer to “LaCarte P-Card Certification Course for Cardholders” in LEO). All property purchased by OTS for an agency as part of a “line of service” (as well as inventory purchased for use by an OTS employee) will belong to OTS and should be tagged in OTS’s inventory system. You may communicate with  OTS Receiving to request tags.  

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