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Preference Buyer Guidelines

​In accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 39:330 the order of preference in the acquisition of surplus state property authorized for disposition shall be given to:


First Preference:

State Agencies

Second Preference:

Political subdivisions of the State of Louisiana, other governmental agencies, private elementary, secondary, or proprietary schools; independent colleges or universities.

Third Preference:

 Charitable, educational, or religious organizations 


Approval Process:

All second and third preference agencies/organizations requesting approval to purchase surplus state property must complete, sign, and return to this agency, a Surplus State Property Purchase Agreement and Certification form. This form must be accompanied by a written request on their agency's letterhead, approved by the chief administrator, and include the following:

Delegation of authority or board resolution empowering a named individual(s) to contract and make purchase on behalf of the agency/organization. Subsequent revisions must be submitted in writing. Current charter, Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, or partnership documents Mission statement, Narrative w/Services, Persons Served, Facilities, etc. Other documentation, if not included in the above, which characterizes the agency or organization as charitable, educational, or religious in nature.  A current 501.c.3 tax exemption form from the IRS.


In addition:

Second Preference: All schools, if not listed in the LA School Directory, must submit a copy of their certificate of approval by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Third Preference:  All independent colleges, universities and proprietary schools must submit a copy of their most recent accreditation.









Please forward the above listed information along with the purchase agreement to the LPAA Compliance Section, at Post Office Box 94095, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095. After review, applicant will be notified. If additional assistance is necessary, please feel free to contact this office at (225) 342-6853; FAX (225) 342-6891.