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Statewide Email Policies

Overall Information

The state is providing consolidated e-mail services for agencies under the authority of Act 772. This service includes the support of all standard email services including basic messaging, address book, mobile access, and scheduling of personnel and resources within and among departments.  The consolidated mail service will take all reasonable means to protect the security of the mail system and its customers. This will include, but is not limited to, running anti-SPAM/anti-virus software on the servers and requiring positive authentication to the mail services. Conversion and on-going operational costs will be funded through a full cost recovery line of service. The rates for services will be reviewed annually. Agencies will be billed monthly for use of the consolidated e-mail services. Statewide Email is currently running Exchange 2010.

Basic Email Account

Exchange 2010

  • $4.00 per mailbox.  Pricing is based on allotted 4 GB of storage for every mailbox. Example: An agency with 50 mailboxes will be allotted 200 GB (50 X 4 GB).
  • $1.00 per GB of Excess Storage.  Pricing is per GB when an agency's total email storage exceeds the total allotted storage.
  • $2.00 per Disabled mailbox.  This is an optional service to retain former employees' mailboxes for the required retention period.  Disabled mailbox cannot send or receive emails.
  • $1.00 per mailbox for Encryption.  This is an optional per mailbox service for data loss prevention and encryption.   
  • Unlimited* quotas on mailboxes (*Prohibit Send/Receive quota is set to 200 gb, but can be removed on a per mailbox basis)
  • State of Louisiana Address (
  • Allowed to keep existing email address for the FQDN is registered with LaNet
  • Maximum send/receive size is 30 MB per message

    Client Access
  • Outlook rich MAPI client – Outlook 2007 and above
  • Outlook Web App
  • Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP)
  • Mobile Devices using Activesync or Blackberry Enterprise Server.

    Additional Services (no additional fee)
  • Manage user accounts, external contacts, and distribution groups via web interface
  • SMTP Relay for applications
  • ActiveSync
  • LEO (Online Leave Processing)
  • Listserv (Mailing list management system)
  • Microsoft Lync (Instant Messaging)
  • Level 2 and 3 support 24 x 7 x 365
  • Migration of existing email data to the Statewide Email system
  • Global Address List (Single, global email directory for state employees and resources. Agency level address lists are also defined)
  • Calendaring and scheduling within and among departments

    Additional Services (additional fee)
  • $3.50 per BB device – Blackberry Enterprise Server Device Activation – Blackberry Enterprise Server is a service provided by Office of Telecommunications Management
  • Special Charges: Request for additional services outside the scope of core services may be billed at a standard rate of $50 per hour

  • Departments will be responsible for its own desktop anti-virus support
  • Statewide Email will maintain current virus and SPAM definition files and filtering rules on the messaging servers to provide protection against external as well as internal attacks
  • The internet mail gateway is currently configured to block a list of incoming attachment extensions that poses a risk to resources on the network. OTS reserves the right to apply filters on certain types of files if the tile type poses a risk
  • Access to each mailbox requires a valid user ID and password. In many cases a domain trust can be configured between Statewide Email's domain and the department's domain. This will allow single sign-on and department managed password policies. Departments that choose the no trust option are subject to the Statewide Email password policy – Max. age: 90 days, History: 24, Minimum age 1 day (24 hrs) - Passwords set to force reset at next logon do not require the minimum age, Complexity: 3 out of 4 of the following characters: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, or symbols
  • 3rd party messaging applications (ex., Gmail, Yahoo!, Microsoft Hotmail) products are a security risk. It is strongly suggested that departments create policies that discourage the use of 3rd party messaging applications

    System Availability, Reliability and Protection
  • 99.9% availability
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support
  • Disaster Recovery – real-time data replication to an off-site data center
  • Exchange 2010 – Database Availability Group (DAG) with replication
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam and Content Filtering (local and gateway)

    Statewide Email Maintenance

    Scheduled Maintenance shall mean any maintenance on the messaging network to which Customers network is connected 1) of which Customer is notified 48 hours in advance, or 2) that is performed during a standard maintenance window on Sundays from 6 PM to 12 AM. Notice of Scheduled Maintenance will be provided to Customers by email message.

    Data Loss Prevention:
  • Exchange 2010 Database Availability Groups: a continuous replication to an offsite location.

    Department Responsibilities
  • Provide desktop support and level one help desk for the department personnel through departmental staff or contract.
  • Training of employees on effective use of the mail client software
  • Install, run, and maintain current versions of anti-virus software and virus definitions for all clients that will connect to the e-mail servers
  • Budget appropriate funds to cover costs of e-mail subscriptions for the department
  • Local department administration will be provided the means to add, delete, and manage customers within their department